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Michael Diaz Jr., a lawyer with Diaz Reus International Law Firm & Alliance, recently found his name on a trio of lists recognizing top lawyers. He was officially recognized by Legal 500 USA, Latinvex, and Super Lawyers all this year.

With the new recognition, Diaz Jr. continues to build a case as one of the most trusted lawyers in his field of expertise not only in South Florida, but worldwide. He continues to specialize with a focus on helping simplify the legal process for clients, taking a professional and disciplined approach at all times.

All three of the lists Diaz Jr. found himself on are recognized globally as great starting points to learn about the best of the best. The Legal 500 USA announcement came first, and it ranked Diaz Jr., as well as Diaz Reus as a whole, as one of the best for corporate investigations, international litigation, and white collar criminal defense. Diaz Jr. has worked hard with Robert Targ to build up a group that can provide coverage for individuals, as well as companies.

Similar praise was awarded to Diaz Jr. and his team from Latinvex. He was named one of the top 100 lawyers doing business currently in Latin America, with specializations in international arbitration, international litigation, and fraud. Diaz Jr. has always benefitted from his strong presence in Latin America to make connections and help in ways that other firms simply can’t. Having a Spanish-speaking side of the staff opens up a lot of doors for Diaz Reus to offer flexible assistance.

Finally, Super Lawyers put Michael Diaz Jr. as just one of the top lawyers on their list for the state of Florida. Gary Davidson and Robert Targ also made the list. Roland Potts, also from the firm, was named as a rising star coming through the ranks at this time.

While it is impressive to make any list, making multiple lists in the same year shows potential clients that Diaz Jr., and his firm Diaz Reus as a whole, can get results. People are always looking for help that they know they can trust in every single aspect. Diaz Jr. has shown over the years that he is one of the leaders at Diaz Reus International Law Firm & Alliance, and picking up that recognition is a great confidence booster for all the hard work and hours poured in.

These three lists just add to the success Diaz Jr. has achieved over the years. From local South Florida recognition to international credit for his work, he has made considerable headlines during his professional career. The firm hopes to continue growing and receiving more recognition for their accomplishments. There are plenty of opportunities for the firm and individual lawyers to have success.

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