Top 5 Facts About Denim Jeans

If you look through your wardrobe, can you find a piece of clothing more widely loved or fashionable than a good pair of jeans? Perfectly fine worn as streetwear or in a smart-casual setting, jeans are just that fashion staple that men and women, young and old, love to wear on a weekly basis. Chic, inexpensive, and comfy, we think jeans will always be great in another century as they are now. With respect to denim jeans, here are the top five facts about these amazing clothing items.

Acid washing

In order for new jeans to have that cool, second-hand look that is often only achieved by years of wearing, the denim pants will go through an acid wash. This finishing method was made in the 80s and involves soaking pumice stones in chlorine, and then washing the jeans with the stones to give a beaten-up and somewhat bleached appearance.

When to wash them

The CEO of one of the most famous jeans manufacturers of all time, Levi’s, has been on record stating that you should wash your jeans as infrequently as possible to protect the denim from fading or losing the fit. While most people are happy to wash their jeans a few times a month at least, you should only really wash them if there’s a heavy stain or if they are particularly sweaty. Here’s a good guide for how to wash jeans properly.

5 pockets

Most people are pretty satisfied with four pockets on their denim jeans, but don’t forget about the 5th! The two at the front and two at the rear are joined by that tiny pocket inside the front-right pocket, as this was first made for pocket watches around 1890. As no one really uses pocket watches anymore, this has become that mysterious pocket where only small coins and buttons can be placed. Similarly, the belt loop came into prominence with jeans around the 1920s, as before it was typical to wear suspenders or braces to keep our jeans up.

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Ecru jeans are basically white denim jeans that haven’t been dyed yet, as indigo is the dye to make jeans blue. Ecru is the natural color of cotton and most jeans nowadays are made from 100% cotton. White jeans take a bit of bravery to wear, but they can still be found easily enough.

Origin of denim jeans

Origin of denim jeans

Although there is a bit of dispute about the origins of jeans, most people agree that they probably came from the tiny port city of Genoa in Italy. Apparently, the Genoese navy liked to wear blue, cotton pants that heavily resembled the jeans we wear today. Bleu de Gênes is also said to be where the word “jeans” comes from.

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