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Without translators, there would be no way for people around the world to communicate with each other. This power makes translation and those who do this work vital members of the community.

There’s more that goes into translating a piece of work than simply having a basic grasp of both the language it’s written in and the one it’s to be translated into. As time goes on and you gather more skills, your translations will become more lyrical and polished. Here are some tips on how you can supercharge this learning process so you can begin delivering higher quality work, as soon as possible.

Become an Avid Reader

When you want to learn how to write anything, the best way to do so is by example. Reading many books in both your native language and any languages you’ll be working with exposes you to the nuances of written communication in these languages. A great technique to really push past blocks and expand your skills is to read the same book in multiple languages. This really allows you, in the nitty gritty, to see how each language handles different phrases and conventions. The more you do this, the easier picking up on these will become.

Hire a Professional

Using a professional translation service allows you to be exposed to great translation work. It also makes sure your work is of the highest quality possible, allowing you to further your skills without being worried about delivering poorly translated pieces of work. A great professional translator to start with is those at Magma Translation. Their team of translators will get the job done for you quickly and skillfully.

Look to the Experts

When it comes to getting better at any skill, the best way to go about it is usually to find a mentor. A mentor is someone who is many steps ahead of you and who has already achieved a goal you’re striving towards. This experience, imparted to you, allows you to learn what took them 5 years in much less time. Read not only books in many languages but documents as well. Read technical jargon and everyday blog articles and anything you can get your hands on – as long as they’re translated. See how others do your craft and you’ll slowly pick up on different cues and habits that will stand out in your translations.

Tone and Style Really Matter

The actual process of translating a piece from one language to another is pretty straight-forward. If you really wanted, it could even be done by a computer. However, what can’t be duplicated by a machine is the tone, style, and complexity behind the human language. Taking care to pay attention to this will greatly improve your translation skills. It’s not just about not making errors: it’s also about conveying the message the author intended in their work.

Take a Trip

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get better at speaking and translating a language is to visit a place where it is natively spoken. By actually using the language in everyday conversations and getting to know the cultural roots behind it, you will have a firmer grasp behind things like style and tone. Immersing yourself in your chosen language will possibly make the biggest difference out of any of these suggestions.

Consider Courses and Education

Continually learning and expanding your knowledge base can never be a bad thing. When it comes to translation skills, taking a course in general writing may be helpful to you. These can be found both online and at your local community college for a reasonable price. These courses are designed to help you learn the basic conventions behind writing, including tone and style. A specialized translation course may be another thing to consider.

Apps are Great Tools

There are tons of great apps and digital tools at your disposal. You can use these to brush up on your grammar skills in your chosen language. You can also catch small typos you might have overlooked. Overall, with apps like these, you can fine tune and polish your work in a way that will lead to a natural, slow improvement in skills over time.

Revision is Key

Increasing your translation skills doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. You can use small tricks to quickly increase your abilities and the help of individuals and software will fill in any gaps you may currently struggle with. If you’re interested in learning more about translation and the services we offer for your business, feel free to give us a call today!

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