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As the digital world has taken over, using branded merchandise to promote businesses has become a less common marketing tactic, but it still has a number of benefits for brands. Although companies should always have a robust online strategy in place, you shouldn’t ignore the advantages of using promotional merchandise to increase brand awareness and nurture your relationship with your customers. Here are some of the main reasons why branded merchandise should still form a key part of your brand’s marketing plan.

Cost-effective and long-lasting

Promotional merchandise is usually less expensive than other forms of marketing such as TV, social media or display advertising. Branded items sent to current customers as a freebie will also have more longevity over ads which can disappear quickly. If you provide something your customer can use again and again, like a branded mug or USB stick, your brand will be making a physical impression on them regularly, rather than a one-off digital impression – so your return on investment may be much higher.

Nurturing customer relationships

By providing your customers with genuinely useful branded merchandise, you’re showing them that you care about them and want to make their life a little bit easier or more joyful. This encourages their trust in your brand, which may convert into sales later down the line. Your customers will appreciate getting something for free and the thought you’ve put into it, and your brand will stay at the forefront of their minds when they’re considering purchasing something you sell.

Boosting brand awareness

If you send your customers branded merchandise they can easily share with others, like a pack of pens, you’ll be increasing your brand’s reach and making an impression on new audiences. By sharing promotional items with their friends or colleagues, your customers will also be giving your brand their implicit seal of approval – it’s a different form of social proof akin to leaving a positive review or sharing content online.

Conveying your brand message

You can use promotional merchandise to convey and reinforce your brand’s message; for example, you can easily include your tagline on a branded item or simply showcase your tone of voice through the design of the item. A fun item will tell your audience that you don’t take yourself too seriously, while something made of high quality materials will demonstrate that you pay attention to detail and have high standards.

Branded merchandise can be an effective way to show your customers what you’re all about and foster a positive relationship with them.

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