Video Marketing

Millions of blog posts are uploaded daily. And with the abundance of text blogs, videos are taking over. But, why?

Because a video is easy to digest, it also gives your eyes a break from reading tiny texts.
The viewership of YouTube videos is also growing. As of today, YouTube boasts over one billion hours of watches daily. As a marketer, you cannot ignore the role of video marketing in your firm.

However, creating a perfect video requires time and resources. The two can derail your marketing efforts, thus affecting your company growth negatively. But not anymore!

Hiring a video marketing agency in Australia helps you to integrate videos into your campaigns. Here are the compelling reasons why you should use video marketing.

1. A Video Commands Attention

Different companies and their marketers are demanding the customer’s attention. If you have to win them over, invest in the best campaign- video marketing.

It uses aural and visual stimuli to capture your target market. In attracting their attention, it’ll boost conversions and possible sales.

2. Boosts Conversion and Product Sales

Video marketing can make good money for your firm. For example, adding a video to your landing page raises conversions by 80%. As such, you need a competent agency to ensure your video works fine irrespective of the industry.

A video will also boost product sales. A study reveals that 74% of customers who watch explainer videos buy the product.

3. A Great Return on Investment

83% of businesses that invest in video marketing concur that it’s a good investment. Yes, video production is neither cheap nor straightforward, but the results are amazing. Besides, video production and editing tools are becoming easier by day.

4. Builds Trust with Your Customers

Trust builds the basis of sales and conversions. However, building trust with your customers should be an independent goal.

The whole concept of video marketing is about creating long term trust and relationships. Instead of selling your products, let customers come to you for useful and exciting information.

5. Improves Your Site’s Rankings

Posting videos increase the time that visitors spend on your website. The long exposure signals search engines that your website has good content. The result is higher ranking on search engine result pages.

Don’t forget, Google now owns YouTube. You can see the role of videos on search engine ranking.

6. Ability to Explain Everything

Is your company launching a new service or product? Design a video to demonstrate how your product works.

The best way to do this is by uploading an explainer video to your site. Try and explain every concept. Even better, animation videos can explain concepts that a video or text content cannot. It’s a perfect combination of simplicity, nostalgia, and entertainment.


Video content is a powerful and versatile marketing strategy. It attracts your customer’s attention leading to higher conversions and sales. It also ensures you’re getting returns on your investment. Don’t forget to pick the best video marketing agency in Australia to help you in your quest.


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