Hair Masks

Making hair masks is as easy as using some natural ingredients from your kitchen without using any harsh chemicals. Not only are there a number of options to choose from, but they are as simple as blending ingredients and applying them to the scalp. However, it is important to note that this will not help to completely regenerate hair growth in areas that have been greatly affected by hair loss. However, there are a number of affordable procedures such as the hair transplant cost UK that can provide you with amazing results for an affordable price.

Shine Restorer: Strawberries, Egg Yolk and Olive Oil

When your hair becomes dry and dull, it is time to try your hand at some hair masks. And a combination of strawberry, egg yolk and olive oil is the perfect way to bring your hair back to life. It helps your hair to lock in moisture and maintain shine without having to use harsh chemicals which can further dry out the scalp.

Deep Conditioning: Yogurt, Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil

Another winning combination to try is yogurt, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. This can be applied directly to the scalp and left to penetrate into the lengths and scalp for hair that is soft to the touch and easy to manage. Apple cider vinegar helps to clean out the scalp whilst providing the hair with conditioner that is needed to ensure that some natural oil remains. Though this will take time to get the balance right for your hair, this will be your go-to hair mask during the winter months to completely rejuvenate your hair.

Deep Conditioning and Shine: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Peppermint Oil

There is nothing better than oil for your hair when looking to aid moisture and deeply condition. Not only does it help to carry away dirt and grime, but it can help to add moisture to the skin as well as calm any blemishes that you may have on the scalp. By combining these three oils, you will have perfectly shiny hair that feels soft to the touch and can be brushed with ease throughout the course of the week. By applying this hair mask once a week, you can then begin to combat the elements and retain the moisture in the hair.

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Moisture: Honey, Coconut Oil and Egg

When blow-drying your hair in the winter, you lose moisture almost instantly and your hair can react to a sudden change in temperature. In order to combat this, applying a mixture of honey, coconut oil and egg to the scalp and lengths will add moisture from root to tip without leaving the hair looking greasy. Though this cannot always be helped, this will help you to maintain healthy hair that is much more resistant as the weather turns colder. So, wrap up warm with your woolly scarf and hat and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

With this in mind, there are a number of at-home hair masks that you can use to combat the elements and keep your hair looking sleek and shiny all year round. Which of these will you be trying for yourself?


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