Virtual Data Room

When looking for a virtual data room, the idea should not only be to use the space for storage for your businesses’ most important documents. Some features set one VDR from another, and it is good to pay attention to the most important ones. The following characteristics are what make a VDR reliable.

1) Security

Your documents need security so that they can only be accessed by the right individuals and not unauthorized third parties. You will be at a loss if your business missed an important deal or your reputation was ruined because the most crucial information leaked. Therefore, when shopping for a VDR, you will be looking for one ISO compliant and has two-factor authentication.

These security features help eliminate cases of password theft, and illegal copying, thus ensuring the safety of documents. Firmex’s virtual data room offers clients excellent security for all their documents thanks to the advanced encryption, compliance, and security it uses. Entrusting your company’s most confidential data with such a company ensures you never have issues with security.

2) Customer Support

Setting up a virtual room is not hard, and you may only require a little training when getting started. However, it is essential to get a VDR that supports its clients anytime they need it. A reliable service provider will offer 24/7/365 support so that if you have any issues, they can assist.

When looking for a VDR, you can first ask how they offer their support. Some may offer setup, deployment, and configuration services. Not all offer the same services; that is why it is crucial to ask so that you know what to expect from them.

3) Presentation

When presenting data, it should be easy, and the documents should appear professional, structured, and attractive. The organized presentation makes reviewing on all devices fast and efficient. For instance, a VDR that enables you to use tags for the organization is more suitable than one that offers folder structure.

A tag structure enables you to organize one file with several tags and is visible in every location. However, a folder structure requires you to make copies and place them accordingly, which is expensive due to extra storage.

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4) Accessibility

At a certain point, your business may have different parties requiring access to view information. Therefore, you will need a VDR that provides access to them anytime they need it. Accessibility should be easy on any device as some individuals may be using their phones and tablets outside the office.

Time is valuable, and it would be a waste to keep people waiting to access information; thus, easy access is of utmost importance.

5) Monitoring

It is crucial to monitor who is accessing your company’s files, which is possible depending on the VDR you choose. A suitable VDR will have a feature that allows you to monitor users’ activity to address any issues of concern. Other features to look for to enable better monitoring are built-in analytics and IP address tracking.

6) Control

Sometimes, things may not turn out as per your expectations; you need to have control of the intellectual property. Therefore, you need a VDR that enables you to set user permissions for projects so that you have control over your company’s data.

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