There are many great cities in the world and London is no exception. London is a cultural landmark, it has one of the best balances between history and industrial development. Because of this, it is hard to pick what sights to see, especially if you’re only in London for a limited time. Luckily enough, many of these things can be visited on the same day as it is relatively easy to travel around London but still, there may be some instances where your forced to decide. With that in mind, here are some great things to do when in London.

Daytime Activities


Westminster is one of the most historically significant places within London as well as being the centre of politics within the country. It contains famous buildings like the houses of parliament and Big Ben. If you are obsessed with places of historical value and incredible architecture, then this is absolutely perfect.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is a place that must be visited, especially if you are a shopping enthusiast. Even though it is known to be heavily congested with tourists and locals alike, it is an incredible experience seeing the vast number of top stores and the diverse range of people. Not only that, but the decorations around Christmas are simply beautiful!


Another staple of most great cities in the world is the art galleries. We see many across the world in places like Paris, New York and Amsterdam, to name a few. London has so many different galleries to choose from, with the national gallery proving very popular displaying legendary artists’ work like Da Vinci and Van Gogh. There is also the Tate Modern which showcases modern art if that is more up your street.

Evening Activities


If you are looking for a lively, enjoyable night then Soho can offer that in abundance. It is known as centre of sex culture within the U.K. with multiple sex shops, but that is not its only purpose. It is full of not only bars and clubs, but theatres and themed clubs. There is truly so much to explore in Soho, so much so that it cannot be done in one night.

Covent Garden

If you are looking for a good comedy club Covent Garden has the answer. Comedy Carnival showcases many legendary comedy acts which can be a great way to spend the evening, they have even provided a great infographic for this article. Alternatively, if you’re into classical music, the Royal Opera House is a brilliant attract on for the venue let alone the performances that leave viewers in awe. This is also the area where London’s famous theatrical performances take place, with great shows like Aladdin, War Horse and the Lion King being showcased.

It is incredibly easy to go on and on about the different areas of London and why they are brilliant. Many have been left out of this list as the list is constantly increasing. So, if you are struggling for ideas or just want to plan a trip perfectly, consider this small guide before you decide.


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