Insanely Adventurous Water Sports In Boracay That You Must Try

Boracay is the latest sensation in the Philippines – for its phenomenal natural beauty and gorgeous seaside.

The easiest and most amazing way to reach from Batangas to Caticlan in Boracay is by ferries. The stunning sea views are worth cherishing. Not to mention the varied options of water sports that you can try in Boracay island.

Here are some of the water sports adventure in Boracay which you must explore-

Scuba Diving

Water Sports

Scuba diving can bring the rush and adrenaline into life. Some people might not enjoy it much being above the surface. For them, scuba diving can be the best option. Around the Boracay waters, there are nearly 15 dive sites and more. Explore diving once, and you will love the underwater tunnels, corals, fishes, and many other interesting spots.

Paraw Sailing

Paraw sailing-

This sailing is an old school. A Paraw is a two sailor outrigger boat. You don’t have to do anything else, other than just get onboard, control it like you control some friends. And rest, leave on the wind. Let the wind do its job and take you to some of the best sites and sights all around the island. Paraw sailing is best done during the time of sunset.

Mermaids Swimming

Mermaids swimming-

Mermaids swimming is something too good to even try. The Mermaid Swimming Academy offers swimming lessons with monofin, and the students also get to wear cute mermaids tails. It is also a great way of working out, and this swimming can be done by people of all age groups.

Cliff Diving

Cliff diving-

Cliff diving is a very adventurous and fun sport. All you have to do is jump off a cliff and make a great splash in the waters below. The highest diving meters is around 13. There are many other lower ones available too, like 7 meters or 5 meters. And for people who do not want to take any leap, they can enter the water using any floating dock.


Standup Paddling

Water Sports

Standup paddling is not as difficult as it sounds. You do not have to be a skilled surfer for standup paddling. Shallow waters and white beach’s placid make this activity absolutely perfect for the beginners.

Island hopping


Island hopping is one of the most popular things you can do, Boracay. Just hire a boat to have a trip around the beaches, including a crocodile beach, puka beach, and Tambisaan beach. For just a half-day, enjoy the courtroom around the beaches and also have some delicious lunch.

In Boracay beach, everyone can find something of their wish. Children sit on the beach and build their sandcastles, play, and run around.

For busy working adults, everyday life becomes too hectic. So visiting this beach and trying out water adventures is refreshing. It’s not just the sunset or the fine sand or the partying. It is the endless amount of fun and activities that keep people happy and make them want to come back. Boracay is a beach that offers a lot for everyone, and people just can’t get enough.


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