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Instagram is an excellent social media platform. Currently, it has an engagement rate of more than 90% and exceeds 800 million monthly users. More than 60 million pictures are uploaded each day on Instagram, with 1.6 billion likes, making it the most popular social media platform in the world. Instagram can provide a valuable tool for building your brand and growing your business online since it offers brands the chance to grow and flourish with the help of natural traffic in the form of Instagram followers. Instagram is extraordinarily focused on visual marketing and enables you to build a loyal following that grows with your business.

Brand engagement rates on most social media platforms are under 0.1%, but Instagram leads them all. In general, there is 58 times more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook for brands. An engaged audience implies your product is highly used by you and your posts have a high quality. Increased engagement on Instagram will boost your business and reputation. Enlisted in this article are 5 tips that will help you increase engagement on Instagram.

Diversify and be Inclusive

Having an open, varied, and comprehensive Instagram account is not just a good idea, but also a great way to increase engagement on Instagram and boost your following. A comprehensive Instagram account can be created in numerous ways. Your first and most straightforward step should be to start adding captions to your Instagram videos. Captions must be provided for individuals with hearing disabilities as well as viewers who watch videos without sound.

Brands and influencers have begun to take responsibility for the lack of diversity in their advertising. 74% of customers expect their favourite brands to stand firm on significant issues. By doing so, it acculturates your image, increases brand recognition, and consequently, increases your engagement on Instagram.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become a major part of the growth of the platform. Over 400 million Instagram stories are posted each day, with over 2 million brands utilizing Instagram Stories in 2021. Instagram Stories have the advantage of being the first thing you notice when you open up the application, and they are shown with a hued ring around the profile picture. For most users, they provoke quick curiosity and only require a few moments of viewing.

Instagram Stories are more engaging than posts. They are an excellent way to show how your brand functions behind the scenes. By sharing entertaining and genuine moments throughout the day, you are assisting in increasing the engagement on your Instagram. A good Instagram story strategy can have a major impact on the engagement you receive from your Instagram followers.

Post at the Right Time

Have you ever considered that posting your content at the wrong time, or just not regularly enough, could limit an increased engagement on Instagram? It is important to post when your Instagram followers are most engaged so you can advance your engagement. The Instagram algorithm pays special attention to posts that generate a tremendous amount of engagement in a short period and will move that post to the front of the feed of all your followers.

To enhance this, give some attention to and follow your Instagram statistics to learn when is the best moment and time to post for your Instagram followers. Instagram accounts are divided into different niches by time zones, so you must select a time to post on Instagram. As a result, you will reach more people, build your brand, and increase engagement on Instagram.

Pick a Feed Theme

Another great way to make your Instagram posts more visually appealing is to use Instagram feed themes. It is not possible for everyone to maintain an Instagram feed theme, but establishing a theme will significantly increase engagement on Instagram. The theme can be as simple as monochrome or more colourful. It is best to pick a topic that is versatile and relevant to your brand/product. It is the very first look at your page that influences someone’s decision as to whether or not they will follow you. Giving your Instagram feed a theme gives it a more professional look, and people are bound to follow it.

Keeping a firm style when re-promoting your content is a wonderful way to keep your audience engaged. Your posts look engaging and seem connected when they have the same idea among them. Making use of a theme helps make your feed look organized, and in turn, displays your dedication to your brand.

Include Relevant Hashtags

Almost every brand or huge record has its own hashtag, which is exclusive to it and its followers. This is a great way to increase engagement on Instagram. Owning your own hashtag makes your image/brand stand out.

Besides making your own hashtag, utilize well-known hashtags identified with your brand to circle your brand on Instagram better. The hashtag can be the name of your image, the name of your item, or just a combination of words that are associated with your content. It could be related to an industry, skills, client, or city. It is common for brands and big record labels to have their own hashtag that can be used only by them and their followers. By doing so, you can expand your sphere of influence on Instagram having to buy Instagram followers.


Engaging your Instagram followers is now a top priority for any business or brand. As part of its algorithm, Instagram uses your engagement rate to determine which of your posts appear in the feeds of your followers. Besides the tips mentioned in this article, buying Instagram followers is also an easy and quick way to increase engagement on Instagram. An organic following can be started by buying Instagram followers. Use the best sites to buy Instagram followers, such as ‘GetViral,’ ‘Famups,’ ‘Rushmax,’ etc. Utilize these simple tips to gain massive engagement on Instagram that will help you boost your brand exponentially.

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