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Perhaps you work in a fast-paced environment where your employees are prone to feeling stressed and burned out. If that’s the case, it makes sense to regularly show them appreciation so they’re more likely to stay motivated to work hard despite the obstacles that make work less than smooth some days. Not sure how to show those valued team members appreciation? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the best ways to show employee appreciation.

Trust your workers

One of the best ways to show trust in your employees is giving them freedom. Instead of worrying about how much they use their inner company messaging systems or monitoring them, consider just not tracking those kinds of analytics at all.

Don’t force your employees to track their time, instead, let them finish their projects by a deadline, giving them the autonomy to finish their work as they see fit.

The more you micromanage and track your employees, the more they will resent you. Plus, morale will be lower across the board. Employees who feel burned out without any way to vent may also withhold productivity. That’s a situation you don’t want to be in because it’s not good for anyone.

All in all, it benefits everyone to treat your employees like adults. Give them an open space to voice their concerns, encourage inter departmental friendships, and be as transparent as possible. Ideally, your employees will be given a flex schedule or remote days so they can be empowered with the ability to work in an environment and time frame that best fits their personal preferences.

Swag for your team members

team members

Hey, everybody likes free stuff—your employees aren’t any different. Quality corporate apparel is a good idea to invest in. Does your office run cold? Why not make company sweatshirts emblazoned with your logo so your workers have a backup when they ultimately lose the office AC wars? Or, you could give them cool mousepads, koozies, and other practical gifts.

Give them real perks

PTO and medical benefits are awesome perks but to show real investment in your employees, think about going beyond those basics. Add a 401k match after your employees have been with the company for at least a year. Consider offering your employees alternative schedules like a 4/10 schedule where employees condense their work into four days so they can enjoy a three-day weekend every week.

You may also want to offer other perks like a learning stipend so your team members can more fully develop their professional skills. Or, send your employees to different relevant work conferences where they can meet like-minded professionals.

Give adequate parental time off

One of the biggest struggles for workers is dealing with the balancing act of becoming parents and being a full-time professional. In order to combat new-parent anxiety, give your workers adequate time off so they can focus on being the best parents. This is another reason why offering remote work or flex schedule options is a good idea because it gives new parents the opportunity to work around their child’s schedule.

Provide free snacks

Snacks are a great work perk that can keep employees feeling happy and fulfilled. Studies have shown that workers who are hungry simply don’t work as effectively. You can combat droves of hangry employees by providing them with healthy snacks.

Student loan benefits

Many Americans have huge student loan balances to pay off. If your company can swing it, offering a paydown benefits is a huge weight off your employees’ shoulders, even if it’s just $100 a month. This benefit doesn’t have to go on indefinitely but it’s a great way to help reduce a real-life stress in your employee’s lives.

Embrace a pet-friendly workspace

One of the best ways to encourage happiness and promote a less stressful environment is making the office a pet-friendly space. Of course, it makes sense to have some dog-free zones like conference rooms, so dogs aren’t barking during client calls etc.


Making your employees feel welcome and appreciated isn’t as hard as you may think it is at the outset. Humans aren’t a mystery, they’re creatures of habit who crave recognition and a comfortable work environment. As a business owner, it’s completely within your power to provide your employees with the environment they need to perform their best.


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