Trendy Wedding Cake Toppers

So many parts in a wedding that come together to make it complete. One part that most such occasions cannot possibly do without is the cake. And the cutting of the cake is a vital part in most wedding ceremonies, it would be sacrilege to go without this picture worthy moment. This is why, be it part of a bride subscription box or not, a wedding cake topper is an important ornament in a wedding.

With weddings evolving as they have over the years, these wedding cake toppers can be either generic or customized. Personalized to fit with the couple’s wedding theme, or even bought vintage. This tasteful part in the wedding ceremony is most significant during the cutting of the cake guests might be singing cake cutting songs to celebrate the couple in that specific moment. So, if you would love something special for your wedding cake, have a peek at our trendy wedding cake toppers ideas for the year.

Wedding Cake Toppers

1. Bridal Boxes

Some of the cutest wedding cake toppers can be found in well-curated wedding subscription boxes. A great addition to your wedding checklist, bridal box subscriptions provides a good number of your needs during a wedding, from the planning to the wedding day. The miss to mrs bridal box in particular provides a bride with practical to luxurious items. Planning material, to décor and personalized wedding items. Among the misstomrs bride box items, are cake toppers, acrylic table signs, and more. So, if what you need is unique wedding cake toppers, consider ordering a bride subscription box that will give you that and much more.

Each item can be personalized to fit your wedding theme and tastes. With this bridal box subscription, you can also customize the delivery of items to fit with your schedule, each arriving only when you need it, within your planning schedule. Isn’t it just the best wedding gift for yourself?

2. Swarovski Crystals Cake Topper with Bridal Initial

If you’re having an all-out classic wedding with a black-tie dinner, then you can consider this sparkly cake topper for your fancy event. This unique wedding topper is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and created using the initials of the couple. A great memento not only to be used during the wedding but after as well. Depending on the theme for the wedding, it could also be a worthy addition to your décor. Not the least on our list of wedding cake topper ideas.

3. Love Wreath Cake Topper

Choose a contemporary design for your wedding cake topper. A style that will fit with most types of weddings, from classic to chic, to even whimsy. An outdoor or indoor wedding, this unique choice doesn’t discriminate. With its architectural twist, this cake topper features a copper wire frame supporting a glitter banner and pretty paper blooms. Choice of color can be made according to your overall theme. A love wreath for a couple’s most special day; it couldn’t be more perfect.

4. Paper Moon and Stars Cake Topper

If you and your partner believe in the stars, then this astrological number should ring your bell. There’s nothing as unique as a spectacular celestial theme for your cake topper wedding. One of our best wedding cake toppers if you’re in need of something truly unique. Your star sign and his, personalized just for you and your partner, is the most creative way to ensure that your love story is written in the stars.

5. Modern LED Wedding Cake Topper

Another lovely option for unique cake toppers for weddings is the LED cake topper. This neon sign is a great option for a modern to retro wedding vibe. A showstopper for sure that will wow your guests and fit in with just the right type of wedding theme. A perfect and yet budget-friendly way to get the look that you want for your very special day. It can also be useful not only for your wedding but for your wall at home, post-wedding.

There are so many unique cake toppers for weddings these days, however, we have helped you trim the list down to our top five. Either of these would make a great choice for your wedding, no matter the type of wedding or theme you are having. If you are looking for trendy, chic, and unique, then look no further. These wedding cake toppers will add just the right vibe that you are looking for to the wedding. And while some can be discarded after you cut the cake, others are still great to use afterward. What could be more perfect?


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