Planning Your Own Wedding

Planning a wedding can simultaneously be exciting and stressful as the big day approaches. There are so many components that go into planning a wedding that can be tough to manage. The number of variables increases the chances of something going extremely wrong. Wedding planners differ in quality which is not a variable that you want to risk. Taking a patient approach along with getting started as early as possible is essential. Waiting until the last minute can and most likely will end in catastrophe.

Taking the time to do the proper research on vendors and ask for personal referrals. So many low-quality vendors will rebrand simply to avoid the myriad of negative reviews written about them. When viewing reviews, it is important to remember that there are bridezillas in the world. One bad review does not mean a vendor is bad but consistent complaints in reviews are a trend that you should not ignore.

Create a Realistic Budget and Stick to it!

The creation of a wedding budget is important as it can become expensive in the blink of an eye. Do not for any reason tell vendors your budget as there can be price inflation. There have been investigative reports that have shown the same number of flowers for a funeral costs far less than for a wedding. The event details can be kept confidential which can help you stick to a budget.

Invitations Should Include Food Selection/You Can’t Accommodate Everyone

The invitations that are sent should be in personalized envelopes. Not only will this make the person invited feel valued, but it will also make the wedding look like a classy event! The invitations can differ in pricing depending on a variety of factors. Pictures being included on the invite will increase the price as will the number of words incorporated. The wedding itself is the big investment so keeping costs in mind is essential during this step.

The food selection being included in the RSVP should have a meat and vegetarian option. Accommodating every guest’s dietary restrictions due to new nutritional plans or medical conditions is impossible. The cost that will be incurred for abiding by every fad diet that people are trying is not something you should worry about. Allowing certain guests to know they will not have particular types of food is important. If a person is going to hold a grudge about the food served at the wedding, reconsidering their invitation might not be the worst idea.

Seating Chart Needs to Consider Interfamily Conflicts

The truth is that not everyone attending the wedding will be thrilled about the wedding. There are interfamily conflicts constantly in some marriages that need to be mitigated on your big day. A seating arrangement needs to be thoroughly thought out and this is something wedding planners cannot do in a majority of cases. You understand conflicts or views that could cause conflict during the wedding.

Alcohol Available but No Shots to be Poured!

The truth is that most weddings are hotbeds for people drinking more than they usually do. The bartenders that are working the bar if alcohol is available should be instructed no shots are to be poured. Excessive alcohol consumption is a staple of a large number of weddings. The last event anyone wants to ruin is a wedding but some individuals might not have self-control. Shots being eliminated and bartenders being told to cut people off is important. Even noting to the catering director that certain individuals should have drinks watered down can help.

Keep a Backup Venue in Mind

Venues for weddings are commonly overbooked or fall through for one reason or another. Booking a backup venue can help prevent disaster. The down payment will seem cheap when compared to another venue canceling a few days before your wedding. The backup venue should be cheaper than the original venue though as paying a larger down payment for the backup space is not logical. Location-based weddings at a barn or beach are becoming much more popular.

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A Project Management Platform Can be a Lifesaver

Project Management Platform

Project management platforms could be a useful investment for anyone planning a wedding. With all of the details that are incorporated with planning a wedding, this can be perfect to track specific details on vendors. Being able to set deadlines with vendors via this platform cannot be understated. You do not want a vendor to fall behind and rush to deliver a subpar service or product. The project management platform will help keep vendors accountable. These platforms can even help speed up processes that your future spouse has to handle.

Planning your own wedding can be a process that you thoroughly enjoy if you do it correctly. Take the time to list out what is needed early so you can start moving down your checklist to get ready for the big day!

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