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Have you ever been told how much you look like someone famous? For some people, that resemblance isn’t just a quirky fact of life, it’s a way of making a living. Musical tribute acts and celebrity lookalikes are a surprisingly popular form of entertainment at parties, with some becoming celebrities themselves. Famous impersonators like Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Frank Caliendo all parlaying their talent for mimicry into superstar careers.

Here are some of the things a celebrity impersonator can do to help make your next party stick out in the minds of your guests:

They Make Announcements

Every good party needs an emcee, someone to make important announcements, introduce performers and activities, and just generally control the ebb and flow of the audience. Celebrity impersonators tend to excel in this role because whenever they open their mouths, everyone else tends to close theirs. They all want to see and hear just how close the impersonator is to “the real thing.” As a result, even the most boring of announcements become a form of entertainment that demands attention.

They Interact with Your Guests

One of the most popular services most celebrity impersonators offer is what’s called a “walkabout.” As the name suggests, a walkabout sees the impersonator getting right into the mix, strolling throughout your party in order to interact directly with the guests. No party-goer will ever forget the night they casually bumped into Jim Carrey at the buffet table, got Netflix recommendations from Michael Jackson, or discussed the latest Hollywood gossip with Robert DeNiro.

They Perform Music & Comedy

Even celebrity impersonators know that merely looking and sounding like someone famous isn’t enough to really wow people. That’s why many of them are double or even triple threats. The most common types of performance that celebrity impersonators offer are musical and comedy routines. The former is a perfect fit for those imitating celebrities like The Beatles or Lady Gaga. The latter, meanwhile, is surprisingly used most by those aping famous politicians, giving them an opportunity to poke fun at folks like George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

They Pose for Fun Photo Ops

For many party guests, the most fun part of attending an event with celebrity impersonators is getting to take a selfie with someone who is the spitting image of their favorite stars. It’s one of the biggest reasons to hire any lookalike, and it’s one that they themselves tend to relish. Simple selfies are most common, but some impersonators bring a wide array of props with them or even a fully functioning photo booth. These make excellent event souvenirs and are certain to garner attention when your guests post them on Instagram.


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