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If you’re trying to step up your style game and starting to get serious about your fashion, then you know it all starts with the right shoes. However, the amount of choice out there can be overwhelming, and you may not know what essentials you should have for every occasion. However, it is possible to get by with just a few pairs. With the right selection, you could have something that will suit pretty much any style you’re aiming for and knock it out of the park. Here are six essential shoe styles every woman should own.

Black High Heels

Black high heel shoes should be your default choice for evening wear unless you can’t wear heels. The ideal heel height is between two and five inches. These shoes will look great with any evening dress. They’ll also complement any dress pants you choose to wear. Heels made from classy fabrics like suede are a better choice, since they’re considered dressier than those made from leather.

If you struggle with heels, the fallback option would be black wedge sandals. They add inches to your height and elongate your legs, but they spare you from the foot problems heels can cause. In other colors, wedge sandals go with almost any outfit.

Neutral or Nude Pumps

While black high heels go with almost everything you might wear in the evening, they won’t go with everything. The alternative is nude or neutral colored pumps as long as they aren’t white. The nude color will match your skin tone so that they don’t distract with outfits that don’t look good with black high heels. The benefit of nude pumps is that they’ll extend how long your legs look, though nude heels are better in that regard. Choose classic styles that will last for years.

Semi-Casual Flats

Semi-casual flats will go with slacks at work or jeans. Any simple flat will do as long as it is elegant, stylish and fits you well. However, this is an area where you can go with a non-neutral color, patterns or textures. And you won’t get blisters and broken feet as you might in heels.

A Pair of High End Sneakers

A Pair of High End Sneakers

Sneakers are in right now, and you absolutely need a pair of high end sneakers in your collection if you want it to be complete. High end sneakers can also be worn with almost anything, whether it’s a nice flowing sundress, a two piece set, or a pair of hemmed up mom jeans.

When it comes to luxury sneakers, nobody does them better than Gucci. The name alone conveys class and luxury. Gucci sneakers are known for their canvas designs with incredible detail. While many other luxury brands are trying to match the elegance of Gucci sneakers, they’re the best if you want to look effortlessly chic.

If you want to check out their selection, online retailers like SSENSE have a huge selection of Gucci sneakers. They offer everything from classic silhouettes to more off the cuff designs. They also have some classics like white New Ace sneakers and even some that follow the chunky sneaker trend like their Rhytons. Most of their shoes feature buffed lining and padded collars, which ensures that they’re comfortable.

We’ll say that white canvas is the ideal color and material for sneakers since they can be worn year-round and go with almost any outfit. Just avoid ruining the material or getting them too dirty. And, if you’re going to be wearing some chunky dad sneaks, make sure that you’re ready to own that style since not everyone can pull it off.

Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Almost every woman has at least one pair of ankle boots stashed in her closet. They flatter your legs in almost every case, and they’re incredibly comfortable. Plus, they can make any outfit seem edgy or cool. The ideal ankle boots are black or brown, since this allows them to go with any outfit. For example, you can pair them with a dress or jeans and look just as good.

Flat Leather Sandals

Flat sandals are a common fashion choice during the summer. You might want to go with strappy sandals or sliders. However, flat leather sandals with straps on them are essential during the spring or summer and will work with virtually any outfit. They’re invaluable if you live in a tropical climate. The leather strap sandals won’t weigh your feet down, and you won’t have to worry about the heel sinking into grass or sand. You can combine them with short shorts, summer dresses and jeans. This style will let your outfit do the talking, no matter what it is.

Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect pair of shoes. And don’t overestimate how many you need. A few classic styles could give you everything you need for every occasion.

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