Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion is really taking off, and now generates just as much interest as the women’s counterpart. After all, men are adopting higher standards for themselves and how they dress, and care much more than they once did about how they look. There’s more grooming going on, less scruffy jeans, and more expensive clothes flying off the shelves.

It’s undeniable that men’s fashion is constantly ploughing on forward in bold new directions. However, sometimes there’s an innate desire to revert to the classics. After all, the age-old saying is true; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Consequently, here’s a few tips to help you style that classic look you’re yearning for!

Men’s Fashion

Leather Jacket, White T-Shirt, Jeans

If the leather jacket can survive World Wars and the Grease Musical, then it no doubt fits perfectly into what’s referred to as a ‘classic look’. They’re still easy to wear, suitable for all weathers, and yes, they’re still among the coolest items of clothing that a man can have. You’ll look mature and fashionable, which is just what classic attires are all about.
As far as classic looks go, the leather jacket white t-shirt outfit is one of the most affordable looks going too. Jeans and white t-shirts are by no means expensive, and while the jacket itself might set you back a few hundred pounds, the rest of the outfit is very cheap to assemble! It’s been affordable through the ages, helping it stay classic for just as long too!

Trench Coat, Tailored Shirt, Tailored Trousers

The trench coat is well-known the world over, with its creation dating right back to the 1800’s. In fact, it was popular luxury clothing manufacturer Aquascutum that claimed responsibility for the invention. They must be very proud of that fact, as Aquascutum are still selling their iconic trench coats today to great acclaim and success.

The trench coat is the working man’s coat. It screams success and stature, and makes any wearer look bolder and bigger than before. It communicates that one has a goal, a mission, and once it’s matched up with a quality pair of tailored shirts and trousers, everyone will know what you’re about. If you mean business, assemble this outfit pronto.

Roll Neck, Blazer, Chinos

There’s looking smart enough for the boardroom, and there’s smart enough for a casual dinner arrangement with a client or colleague. This is what the roll neck jumper has always achieved through the years; acute sophistication for the wearer to be sure, but also a laid-back touch that’s trendy and slick. It makes you more approachable, while also being refined.

A blazer and chinos complete this outfit. It just helps tie everything together in a nifty, classic package. It was the genesis of the smart casual approach. If you want the look of being fashionable but not too overbearing or imposing, this combination has always been the way to go.

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