Modern Man

Beard grooming products, tattoos and barbershops that offer some Modern Man pampering – these are only some of the products and services that have cropped up in recent years to cater to the growing demand for more fashionable and conscientious males. Although there are still stereotypes about how men should behave and dress, these barriers are being steadily broken down, and a wholly different concept of man is emerging from the ashes: one who chooses his outfit carefully and is fashion conscious. With that in mind, we’re rounded up some of the best accessories to adorn your outfit with if you’re a modern man with an eye for fashion.

A Stylish Watch

Stylish Watch

A well-tailored suit, or a nicely put together outfit will always look good, but it will only take you so far. If you’re on a mission to reach true fashion nirvana, you’re going to have to up your game with some extra side-pieces. One of the best, most classy accessories for achieving this is a stylish watch. Now obviously there are many different watches for a number of different brands out there, from Cartier to Rolex, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding one that resonates with your style. This just means you’ll have to be extra cautious to ensure you find the perfect one. You won’t always have to break the bank on this either. These days, if you take a look online you’re bound to find second hand luxury watches in good condition and for reasonable prices – perhaps even the watch of your dreams!



Not only stylish, headphones are an endless practical accessory for any man who finds himself commuting or on the move constantly. While it’s perfectly acceptable to use any old pair of headphones or – shudder – Air Pods, not every pair will suit your particular style. If you’re a rocker, for example, Marshall do an excellent pair of vintage-style headphones which have the same aesthetic as their famous amps. If you’re a hip-hopper then Beats by Dre are undoubtedly your best bet as a fashion statement. For those in between, check out this article by Lifewire for more inspiration.

A Leather Messenger Bag

Gone are the days of men being insecure about carrying bags. A leather messenger bag is another extremely versatile accessory that not only looks great with most outfits, but is endlessly practical in its ability to carry around the detritus that would usually be bulking up your pockets. Black, brown or tan, and with a number of different styles to choose from, you’ll feel like a new man once you commit to bagging your everyday carries instead of pocketing them.


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