Top 5 Fashion Influencers on Instagram You Must Follow

Instagram is the hub of the fashion industry in the social media world. Its photo and video sharing capabilities provide the perfect feature set for posting content that is relevant to an industry governed by glamor and exposure. Thus, if you are looking for popularity in this field, Instagram is the perfect place to start. YouTube comes a close second.

Following fashion influencers who were able to gain popularity on Instagram leads to several amazing ideas. Often, you can copy that look and steal glances from people when you visit a party or while on vacation. Further, influencers often post links to whatever they are wearing either directly on Instagram or through other portals. Following these links is a great way to match that look to the letter.

Finding such influencers is not a difficult task. You can search for hashtags related to the fashion industry and follow those accounts that come on top. To make it easier for you, we have listed five such influencers who owe their success to their expertise and skills. Note that while most people just buy Instagram followers, these leaders truly belong at the top of the ladder.

1. Camila Coelho

With over 8.8 million followers, Camila Coelho is a true leader of the industry. Alongside an immensely popular Instagram account, she also runs her vegan, gluten-free makeup collection Elaluz. You can buy these products at the Elaluz website.

Further, Camila has also come up with a line of clothing named after herself and available with international shipping at Like Shop. From such success, her skills and style are evident. I particularly liked her easy on the eyes look complemented by simple color palettes, mostly in pastel shades.

2. Negin Mirsalehi

Negin is an immensely popular fashion influencer with more than 6 million followers. She is also the founder of a honey-infused haircare lineup named Gisou that took her to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. The good news is that Gisou ships to several major locations around the world. The bad news is that some of her products encounter shipping restrictions and thus, about 11 of them are not deliverable to certain parts of the United Kingdom, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, and Greece. Her products are also available on Sephora, Revolve, Niche Beauty, and Galeries Lafayette.

Apart from her interest in the fashion world, Negin is a beekeeper by trade. Nude shades feature heavily on her channel, which gives it a modern and aesthetic look unmatched by most others.

3. Niomi Smart

Fashion is not just about clothes. Haircare, skincare, etc. are as much a part of it as clothing. If you are looking for an influencer with a particular focus on skincare, we recommend Niomi Smart, founder of the My Smart Skin vegan line of skincare products.
Niomi has a highly versatile Instagram channel with a variety of shades and styles that are free from the confines of a lone color palette.

4. Julie Sariñana

Julie, with more than 5.7 million Instagram followers, is a fashion influencer from California who is kicking racism to the curb with her success. She is also the founder of Sincerely Jules, a lifestyle & fashion blog that doubles as a link-holder to Like to Know it and Shop Bop.

Thus, not only can you follow her for great fashion advice, but you can also follow her for great and fashionable clothes. If you see something that immediately grabs your attention, visit the shop my looks section of her blog and find it there.

5. Whitney Graham

Let us be honest: fashion is ridiculously expensive. There is no limit to how high you can go in search of that perfect look. However, if you are looking for affordable fashion, allow us to recommend Whitney Graham’s popular Instagram account.

Once again, you can shop the looks and styles of this Dallas girl from Like to Know it. You will find simplicity everywhere on her channel. Unlike how most people dress in such tight clothing that you could not fit in a needle even if you tried, Whitney’s page is filled with comfortable clothing that will get you through the day like a breeze and look great doing it.
P.S. Check out her winter looks. They are just sizzling with style and beauty.


Since range and variety in the fashion world are infinite, we would love to hear your opinion of the top fashion influencers on Instagram.

Let us know through the comments below.


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