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Well-known in the business world for being a rocket to take your business to the top: Andrew Miller is a weapon every company wants on their side. He’s still just a man, though, and because of that, people have endless curiosity about what he’s like. To go over this fascinating man, we must take this step by step. He’d done enough in his life to inspire a movie; maybe someday it’ll happen!

What He Started From

Although his work with Polycom is far more well known, he cut his teeth working for Cisco. Spending twelve years with this company, from 1989 to 2001, he focused his energy on doing anything he could to grow. This passion was noticed pretty early on, and because of this, he rose through the ranks. Every three years, Miller got a raise to the next rung in business until he was ready to leave.

After raising the income generated at Cisco, he moved on to better things at Tandberg; in four years, he quadrupled the business’s revenue. This change was unheard of before him, and when he left, he was ready to take another step up.

The business world was getting easy for him at this point.

What He Accomplished

Moving forward in life, Miller slipped from business to business, gilding them in gold and income before moving on. One of the top companies on his list of accomplishments is Monster, where he raised revenue by over a billion dollars. IPC came next, but his numbers there are harder to trace since they’re secretive about their income. He helped them form a pipeline toward next-generation technology.

From here, he was hired on by Polycom, which is his claim to fame. From 2009 to 2013, Miller gave this company his all. Not only did Polycom grow an incredible amount, but it also showed what was possible for the future of information technology companies. He was able to spread Polycom to international markets and create a niche for himself. Now companies often hire multiples to handle three or four roles. He could take all of them at once.

What He Stands For

An accomplishment that stands out is his formation of the Andrew Miller Foundation. This foundation focuses on sharing information and needs about smaller charities and foundations. Not only does it help fund these, but it also brings them into social awareness so that others may donate as well. Recently, when high schoolers started raising money for others with spinal injuries, he helped them reach a twenty thousand dollar goal. This amount is enormous, nearly unheard of for a high school fundraiser, and is just a drop of water in the bucket of the good he’s been doing.

Andrew Miller has shown what he believes in and clarifies how he intends to support people and small businesses.

His Goals For The Future

He seems to have a way with a business that allows him many doors. These doors lead down specific companies and their types. There’s no telling what kind of impact he’ll make on a business until he leads it- but one thing’s for sure. There‚Äôs going to be a profit.

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