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You have been stuck at home for a long time now. You have been alone so long that you are even beginning to miss your job and your coworkers. You have fantasized about owning your own business but you have never had the time, energy, or money to actually make it a reality.

You have nothing but time now but you are uncertain about what kind of business to start. There are several different online businesses that you can run from your laptop for little or no money. Sometimes a great notion can result in something lucrative and fulfilling. There are a few businesses that are especially easy to start from home.

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Start an Exercise Class

If you like to work out or if you have recently lost a lot of weight, you can help inspire others to get in shape. The simpler keep your workout, the easier it will be for people to follow, and the easier it will be for you to make videos.

All you need is a computer with a webcam to get started. Get yourself a mat and show your viewers how you keep in such great shape. You get the most views if you stick to a certain type of exercise such as Pilates, yoga, or karate. You can put the videos on YouTube and make money from the advertisements.

Make T-Shirts

Make T-Shirts

You may have seen stores selling novelty attire and thought that you could come up with a clever saying to put on a t-shirt or mug if only you had the shop.

These days You can start a t-shirt company and you don’t even need a printer, a warehouse or even any shirts. All you need is a great idea for a shirt and a website to put it on.

When a customer wants to buy one of your shirts, they can order on your site and a t-shirt printing company will print the shirt and ship it to them. The company simply takes their fee out of your profits.

Teach Fun Classes

Millions of people are stuck at home nowadays and some of them are trying to pursue hobbies they never got a chance to try before the pandemic. If you know how to play an instrument, write jokes, or dance, you can make some extra money online.

You can put your videos up on an educational site or you can start your own website and charge people a certain amount of money for each class.

Classes in gourmet cooking and foreign languages are very popular. People who learn new things during the pandemic are more likely to be successful when it is over.

Give Virtual Tours

Do you live in a city that was a draw for tourists before the pandemic? Airbnb offers the opportunity for users to host virtual experiences. You can make a dollar or two by just filming your local area and telling people about its history. Your viewers will learn something and you will get out of the house and make some cash in the process.

These are trying times and it is hard to make a living. However, with a little effort and a great idea, you can make the most of a bad situation.

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