Bean Bag Chairs

In an ideal world, every home needs a Bean Bag Chairs. If you have not had the pleasure of sitting and spending an afternoon relaxing on a Bean Bag Chairs, then you have missed out on a lot. The bean bag chairs are very comfortable, not to mention, lightweight for both movement and storage.

With some bean bag customizable as a bed and others useable as compact sofas, here are top five bean bag chairs in 2018 you should be looking into as an adult.

Original Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

The Big Joe brand is known for making a quality chair, and the Original Big Joe Bean Bag chair is no exception. This chair is available in an assortment of spicy and eye-catching color options, for example, sapphire, zebra flaming red, radiant orchid, or spicy lime.
This bean bag chair can be set up against a vertical surface to give you the typical bean bag seat experience. Also, it can lay low and stretch out into one of those voluminous bean bag pillows that you can nap on.

Big Joe Lumin Chair

Quite different from other chairs on this list, the Lumin chair gives you the archetypal feeling of relaxing on a typical sofa. The chair has a smooth black color and simple design and appearance that many people find preferable to integrate with the décor of any room.
The center of the Lumin is easily identifiable, with a large size provision that can be appropriate for people of different sizes.

Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede

The XXL Fuf bean bag chair is yet another one of the amazing chair from Big Joe’s product line. As suggestive from the name, the XXL Fuf is quite a big bean bag chair that would require a spacious room to accommodate it.

The chair is very soft to sit on thanks to the fuf foam, giving you an unmatched cushy, comfortable and pleasurable feeling when you sit on it, not to mention, guarantees durability. The chair is big enough to scoop up your entire body into its cozy gulf, perfectly supporting your body for maximum comfort.

The chair is available in different colors, for example, blue sky, sierra red, black onyx, among others.

Large Cozy Sack Bean Bag

The Cozy Sack bean bag chair is one that stands out with a five-foot dimension that makes it a large bean bag chair. It also sports a removable microfiber cover that you can easily remove, say, for cleaning purposes. Further, underneath the micro-fiber cover, it has a protective liner that prevents the bean bag from damage, should you remove the top cover. All this is locked together by a child-safe zipper, which is even more convenient.

This Cozy Sack also comes in some toned-down colors, that is, black, cinnabar, grey, earth, cow print, buckskin, among others.

Big Joe Dorm Chair

The dorm chair is much different from all the others in the standard it sets. It is filled with Ultimax beans that are explicitly made for maximum support. The double-stitched zipper on this chair makes it more durable.

Further, the dorm has compliment armrests that also add to your comfort. The material of the chair is one that is not easy to dirty, not to mention, is available in many colors, like flaming red, sapphire, among others.

With such great options, maybe it’s time you went shopping for a bean bag chair to spice up your living room, don’t you think?


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