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The Living Room is one of the most important areas in a house. It is where you welcome guests and spend quality time with your family and friends in Living Room. Hence, it should not be ignored when thinking of redecorating or staging your entire household. When remodeling your living room, it is essential that you create enough spaces for people to sit.

If sofas are the only seating in your living room, you might be missing out on some serious comfort. You need to give your self-options that offer convenience, flexibility and comfort. For instance, the best modern recliner for back pain is a great option that serves more than just one purpose. Ottomans, accent chairs, stools or convertible sofas are all great additional seats that offer flexibility, convenience, and comfort.

If you are looking to add more seating in your living room, here are 6 ideas for you:

Tuck in Some Ottomans

Coffee tables play a significant role in any living room. They offer areas where people can put down snacks, drinks and other necessities. However, ottomans can play the same function while acting as an extra seating whenever guests come over. You can easily scatter your single seat ottomans throughout your home to create more seating. You can tuck them into corners, underside tables or even consoles.

Fireplace Features

If you are thinking of building a new home or are undertaking a major renovation project, consider adding a foot that is the height of the seats to your mantel. This ledge makes the perfect little place for people to sit on whenever you have guests.

Floor Cushions

Although offering your visitors a seat on the floor is not ideal, floor cushions are highly recommended, especially for kids if you are hosting a huge crowd. You can keep a few of these cushions under the coffee table or in a cabinet just in case!

Bring Some Modern Design Into Your Space With Poufs

These are the latest and trendiest living room sitting ideas. Poufs are like ottomans, only that they are a little more flamboyant and stylish in design, and offer comfortable seating. You can stuff them under a table or into the closet when you are not using them.

Do Not Hate On Folding Chairs

If you want your metal folding chair a revamp, it can be super chic, and blend naturally into your living room d├ęcor. You can go for a vintage look with antique folding chairs. You can even slap some brightly colored paint on an average metal piece to give it some flair. Even better is their ability to fold back and store them without taking too much space.

Use Dead Space

Now, if you are desperately in search of more seating, but are out of ideas, maybe you should consider using the dead areas in your living room. Do not let that space under a window filled wall go to waste. Window sea provide a whimsical way to add more seating to your space. You can push a bench filled with fluffy pillows to take the seating to the next level.


  1. I really like how you displayed some good fireplace feature examples in your article, especially when you’re trying to make a large living room better to sit in. With how often we end up just sitting around our living room trying to relax and tell stories, I feel like a setup like this will help make things more comfortable for us. I’ll make sure to ask for something like this from any remodeling contractors we can hire in the area.


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