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Iron is one of the most common contaminants found in well water. You can identify its presence from the foul metallic taste left in your mouth when you drink the water. It also leaves your utensils, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets with muddy-colored stains. While iron does not pose serious health risks to consumers, it reduces your water quality. Below we will look at the best filter to remove iron from well water.

How Does Iron Get Into Well Water?

Before we highlight the best well water filters, let us ask ourselves how the contamination occurs. There are two ways iron can get into your well. These are corrosion and seepage. When rain falls or snow melts, water flows on the earth’s surface and seeps into the ground. On its way down, the water passes through an iron-bearing crust. The iron dissolves and follows the water down to your well.

Your water can also gather iron from corroded metallic plumbing. Iron pipes start to deteriorate once they come into contact with water and oxygen. The material, through oxidation, forms brown-colored flecks called rust. As water flows through the pipe, it collects the rust and delivers it to your end. At this point, you will start to notice changes in the color and taste of your water.

The Best Iron Filters For Well Water

Iron-contaminated water causes a lot of distress to consumers. The problems are countless, from stubborn stains on their fixtures to stained clothes. And the worst of all, the nauseating metallic taste. Despite its notoriety, there are many ways to get rid of iron in your well water. This guide will highlight some of the best iron water filters in the market.

Fleck IRON PRO 2 Combination Water Softener And Iron Filter

This multipurpose water filter comes with many advantages. It filters your well water from iron which causes the yellowish-brown color and horrible taste. It guarantees you a consistent supply of clean drinking water free from contaminants. With this filter, you save a lot of money that could have gone to buying bleaches to clean up stains.

The Fleck Iron Pro 2 also removes magnesium and calcium minerals from your water and replaces them with sodium ions. The absence of these minerals eliminates the build-up of scale in your plumbings. This filter also removes sand granules, sediment, and sulfur, leaving your water clean.

Fleck Iron Pro 2 filter features a mineral tank and a brine tank for ion exchange. It comes with a digital control head to track water regeneration and usage. The filter has a bypass valve to divert water to the mains when doing maintenance. You can install it by yourself since it comes with a user manual.

Springwell Whole House Iron Filter

Springwell Whole House Well Water Iron Filter is a popular product in the aquatic industry. The filter comes in the latest water filtration technology that removes various impurities. In most cases, well owners suffer from a pungent rotten egg smell that comes from their water. The odor comes from a mineral called sulfur that this system filters out.

The system removes hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese, or a combination of any of them. It comes in a robust stainless steel body designed to last for years. Springwell filters pass water through an air pocket where it oxidizes it and filters out minerals. Its automating electronic control valve is easy to program with no prior experience. The system comes complete with an easy-to-understand user manual for self-installation.

SoftPro Chemical Free Well Water Iron Filter

SoftPro Chemical-Free Filter is a multipurpose water filter cum softener. It comes in two options, a well water softener, and its city water counterpart. This system is an efficient performer designed to help you achieve the highest quality water. Its compact design coupled with salt and water-saving features is a great plus.

The SoftPro Chemical-Free Filter uses Katalox. This new-age water filtration media removes iron, manganese, and sulfur traces. It ensures that you get a sparkling clean water supply free from chemical processes. It’s cost-efficient and also comes with lifetime customer service.

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Long Term Benefits

Iron contamination has for long been the most bugging issue to private water well owners. They incur costs since they have to buy cleaning agents to soak their clothes and clean stained surfaces. To some, it sounds expensive to pay the upfront fees when buying a well water iron filter. But, it is a worthy investment with many long-term benefits.

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