Home Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your home clean is a good way to improve your mood, and the convenience of a clean home can’t be taken for granted. Maintaining your house and its contents is more for your benefit than anyone else’s, so if you feel like you need to clean your house but you have trouble staying on task, here are a few things to consider putting on your to-do list.


Appliances break, and dishes crack and wear out. Repairing appliances where you can is a decent and cost-effective approach, but buying new ones is sometimes too expensive to be worth doing or it is just unavoidable. Local businesses who specialize in repairing appliances could be more common than you might expect; searching the internet for your local “Oregon Appliance Repair” may give you just the listing you need to make sure your home’s day-to-day operations continue smoothly. By searching for a location-specific repair service, you know you are getting the most professional and experienced people in your area. Just make sure you contact them before the broken appliance is beyond repair!

Outdoor Maintenance

People don’t always spend their time outside, so making a point to assess the outdoor environment around your home every now and again will be helpful if you plan on keeping your outdoor space tidy. Maintaining a yard for visitors is a lot of work, so making some time on your to-do list for mowing and trimming or budgeting for lawn-care services needs to be done. If you have lots of yard decorations that you like, inspecting their paint may be a good plan since most pigments tend to fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Other high-maintenance outdoor fixtures like swimming pools might need replacement swimming pool netting from time to time. Things like pool netting reduce the wear on your pool during the off-season, so it’s imperative that you have a functioning one.


The dishes you use every day can experience a fair amount of wear after a while. Every so often, you should check your dishes for cracks as they can allow bacteria to grow on your plates, bowls, or cookware. Simple dishwashing won’t fix this problem. Strictly speaking, your dishes will likely work just fine if you don’t replace them or if you try to repair them yourself, but you will be subjecting yourself to a health risk by doing so.

Walls and Floors

Walls, ceilings, and floors are logically some of the most important parts of your house, so it’s extremely important to make sure they are being properly cared for. Walls and floors suffering major damage isn’t a usual problem, but if you are noticing bowed basement walls it may be a serious cause for concern as it likely indicates a major structural issue with your house that should be assessed by a professional. Older homes can have a number of other problems that can threaten their structural integrity over time like a leaky roof. Taking the time to do a proper inspection of your home in light of potential damage will be well worth the cost.

Cleanliness takes a lot of focus and effort, and it is far easier to just let things pile up. It isn’t necessarily shameful to have a disorganized home, either, since home maintenance requires a well-thought-out plan and significant follow-through. Indeed, having a clean and well put-together home is impressive precisely because it takes a lot of work; if you want to impress yourself, your family, and your guests, start with a yearly maintenance checklist to visualize your plan. Soon enough, you’ll have a home that sparkles and shines 24/7!

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