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Aiming to be a streamer with hundreds to thousands of followers? Then join the hype by Stream Online regularly with games that are universally enjoyed. Video games are entertaining on their own, but if you are with an audience, it’s best to choose titles that can keep an audience engaged.

Not all games are made equal. There are new ones that quickly lose steam once the hype dies down, and there are older titles that have cemented their place as a community favorite. People love their console games, but they have to face the fact that the demand for games being played on the PC is higher.

The reasons are simple: 4K resolution and a higher frame rate. When you stream, one of the best ways you can lure in people to watch your stream is the clarity of the video. In that case, you’re better off playing games on the PC for the graphics.

It’s best if you have a variety of games in your arsenal when streaming. It can get boring for both you and the audience if you keep sticking to the same game regularly. Introduce at least two kinds of themes in your streams or playstyles like competitive and chill or intense and open-world because it is a great way to have varied content without burning yourself out too much.

Here are some of the best PC games to play online.

1. League of Legends (Free)

League of Legends

MOBA is one of the more popular streaming contents out there, thanks to esports. LoL professional gamers have their channels on platforms. Their fans flock to them to see their idol playing online to see their flashy techniques or if they can get something from their playstyle. If you want to stream this game and you’re new to MOBA, you should practice a lot and learn the basics.


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2. DotA 2 (Free)

DotA 2

Similar to LoL, Defense of the Ancients 2 (or DotA 2) is also a MOBA where pros compete in prestigious tournaments. In fact, DotA 2 has the biggest prize pool out of all games in esports. DotA 2 is admittedly much more complex than LoL, so you are expected to invest time to learn the game.

3. Fortnite


Fortnite is a shooter-survival game that is very popular among the younger generation. It is more fast-paced than MOBA, so it is easier to keep an audience engaged with games like this.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike

Counter-Strike is an old franchise that is well-known to new gamers and a classic for the older ones. It is a first-person shooter where matches between terrorists and counter terrorists can be intense. If you love guns and shooting, this is an excellent game to play.

Things to Consider

Do you have the equipment to stream online? If not, then listen up. Building at least a midrange PC for the first time can be quite expensive.

If you have the dosh, great because you can buy everything you need right away. If not, then you can start saving now. Make sure you get good-quality components so your streaming career won’t be interrupted by a preventable hardware failure.

Where to Stream


It depends on what it is you’re after: ad revenue, followers, being a partner. You can look at a variety of websites to choose where to stream from. Streaming PC games seems to be the most acceptable standard, so pick wisely. Here is a helpful article to help you out.

Peripherals and Accessories to Have

Stream Online

If you want the most basic equipment for streaming, you can get by with a basic webcam and a gaming headset. However, the bare minimum will not be enough to get you noticed in the saturated live-game-streaming market.

Apart from good content, visuals and sounds are essential, so you best invest in a good USB mic and camera. If you’re streaming inside your room and you don’t have sufficient lighting, make sure to get a ring light to get your camera to focus on your face. It is important for your audience to see you clearly and that you are interacting with them via shout-outs or chats. It is also essential to have a suitable and multifunctional docking port for your gaming gear for a smooth streaming experience.

You’ll also need to prepare an account on your chosen streaming platform. It will help if you have a screen name that is easy to remember but is unique enough that you won’t be mistaken for somebody else. Another thing to install in your computer is streaming software. Lastly, you need royalty-free music to fill the gap in between loading games or when you’re interacting with fans.

Do you stream? What kind of games do you love to stream? Share what you know and the games you love in the comments below.


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