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Joining university comes with a sense of freedom. For some students, it is the first time they have to live independently away from home. University accommodation should be safe, comfortable and convenient for your studies. Besides, it should allow for enough entertainment and socializing outside of your studies.

Choosing the ideal student accommodation ranks as one of the most important considerations for university students. In the first year of university, you will most likely find accommodation on-campus. In your second year onwards, you may have to look for private accommodation options.

Birmingham has 4 major universities namely Birmingham University, The University College of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and Aston University. Each of these has on campus accommodation for its students. Outside the campus, students from all four universities may find themselves sharing accommodation in flats and studios available in the city.

How to choose university accommodation

The best advice a first-year university student will hear is; to apply for accommodation near the university buildings they will be using regularly. It will make your movement convenient.

Birmingham uni accommodation comprises of studios, shared flats, and ensuite rooms. Your choice will depend on your budget, convenience of location and the amenities available. The price range for student accommodation in Birmingham is £99-£286. You may opt to stay close to the city center or for the tranquility away from the city center.

University accommodation in Birmingham is modernized to cater to the needs and preferences of the students. You can decide on accommodation based on the available features you want to enjoy. The features include car parking, secure entry, CCTV, swimming pool, gym, common kitchen, study rooms, wifi, gaming room, pool table, cinema room, and library. Additional features include cafes and bars.

Student accommodation halls are a cheaper accommodation option. The halls can accommodate hundreds of students with private bedrooms but sharing other facilities including bathrooms and kitchen.

As you consider your Birmingham uni accommodation budget, look for value for your money. You can forego accommodation options that are more expensive and save up money for socializing and entertainment. Some students who can afford high-end accommodation choose to have an entire living space to themselves. In that case, you do not share your room, study space, bathroom or kitchen.

Private accommodation in Birmingham

Unlike on-campus accommodation, private accommodation requires you to put in a little more work in finding the right place. You could join efforts with other students and look for a flat to share. Some students will have a vacancy in their shared flat and will be looking for someone to join them. There is also the option of renting a single room.

Landlords who rent out their spaces to students may be a bit tough on the rules of tenancy. You will have to pay a deposit which the landlord uses as security in case you default on payment or to cover any damages. You also have to sign a tenancy agreement. Most landlords will ask you to provide a guarantor who will be willing to cover your costs if you fail to. The owner of the house has the right to terminate your tenancy should you fail to live up to the signed agreement.

Sharing accommodation can pose some challenges especially if you live with people that do not respect your personal space. It would be wise to establish some house rules and a common understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.

Before you commit to signing an agreement or paying a deposit, make sure you have seen the accommodation. Students from overseas should especially be careful not to pay or commit to anything upfront. Wait until you get to the place and are satisfied with it.


Look out for special accommodation offers

There are always offers available for Birmingham student accommodation. Some of these offers include dual occupancy, monthly payment option, cash back, Amazon shopping vouchers, and discount on rent; all under specific stipulations.

Some of the popular student accommodation in Birmingham include; The Heights, IQ Broderick House, IQ Studio 51, Kensington House, Harriet Martineau, The Toybox, 54 George Street, Metchley Hall, Bentley House, The Pavilion, and 800 Bristol Road.

Whether you are looking for accommodation on-campus or privately, you can always ask for guidance from university accommodation advisers. At no point should you suffer in silence as you try to figure out your living arrangement. Seek as much information as possible, carry out your due diligence, and enjoy your university years in Birmingham.


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