As soon as your kids get their college acceptance letters then all parents have to make sure that their kids get fully prepared for college. You can use this guide and easily prepare your kid for college.

1. Teach him to Manage his Personal College Expenses

Once in a week, you should sit down with your child and take a review of their college expenses. You can make a list of his food expenses, housing and utility expenses, transportation expenses, school fees, entertainment expenses. Just remind your kid that he has to make a daily log of his college expenses. Even if your kid gets little deviated from your expenses plan, do not scold him. Instead, consider directing him to financial sites like this one to grasp the situation better. You can create a joint savings account. That account will be accessed by you and your kid. If your kid performs any unnecessary activity then you will be notified.

2. Reinforce Healthy Habits in your Kid

When your kid is set and prepared for college, then you need to reinforce healthy habits in your teen. Tell him that he should take balanced diet during his college days and even after that! Normally, college students face weight issues. College students do not properly schedule their eating routine. They skip healthy meals and eat big portions of meals at night. Teach your kid that he should not take high-fat foods and high-sugar foods. Encourage them to eat something after a couple of hours break.

3. Teach your Kids not to Involve in Risky Activities

Before your kid make the first day at his college, discuss your expectations and values with him. Tell him not to get involved in any risky activity linked with drugs, alcohol and sex. Reiterate all your guidelines properly.

4. Giving him Health Care Measures

You won’t be there in your kids college if he gets sick at his college. So teach him about important healthcare measures. Your kid should know when he needs to give a call to the health center. He should know where health center is located. You need to explain the overall importance of keeping the medication in a secure location so that your kid can access them easily in case of emergency.

5. Preparing your Kid’s Car Before they Leave for College

College student’s car should be prepared by their parents before they leave for their college. Place jumper cables, a spare tire, an inflation kit in your kid’s car so that he can fix his car issues on his own. You should place an extra money or an emergency cash in the safe place of your kid’s car so that he can use them for toll booths, parking. Regularly inspect your college student’s car.

All parents should follow this guide if their kid is almost ready to go to a college. Follow these measures and prepare your kid mentally and physically for college. Do not make his college days filled with panic. These easy tips can easily prepare any teen to enjoy his college days.


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