Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is such a technological baby born in 2009, and even now, it is equally young. Most of the young investors have loved the presence of bitcoin. Some of the young millionaires have become a millionaire just by investing in bitcoins. When the young investors started to use cryptocurrencies through this app, they gradually noticed the kind of profit they are churning out.

You often make decision-based on what your friends say or relatives say, but you need to be careful about how to invest your money. Hence, I believe you need an expert’s advice, so I have gathered everything the experts need to speak off about cryptocurrencies.

Expert’s View on Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

When we say ‘experts,’ we mean the set of people who have been using or dealing cryptocurrency for ages now. They probably know all the possible situations that might arise. I have gathered all the information about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies here so that you get to know the reality.

1. Mr. Rosenfield – a specialist in machine learning, who has done his higher education in Mathematics. Rosenfield, who worked in Similarweb, was the head of the research. He had created some algorithms which you could traffic and web connections. He came across the idea of bitcoin in 2011, and then after some time, he quit his job.

He started investing in bitcoin majorly since then. He was the pioneer of the first bitcoin community-based in Israel, and it is the first exchange of Israel. He also, later on, created an algorithm which would help in the transfer of bitcoin using the blockchain. Currently, he is the chairperson of the Israeli Bitcoin Association.

2. Mr. Assia – A young trader from quite a very early age, he says that his father taught him about the market, and since the age of 13, he has started to trade. He is the renowned founder of eToro, which is a global trading platform. It is mostly known by everyone around the world. This platform makes trading really easy; his goal was to change the conventional way of trading. Mr. Assia had a brother, and both of them started using bitcoin in 2011.

Both the brothers found a project on bitcoin; it was known as colored coins. They created other coins to make business and trading even more convenient. They made a new local coin named Colu, and it brought them more than 15 million dollars. But being an expert, he suggests that spending a small amount would be helpful.

3. Mr. Hertzog – He is a technology entrepreneur who has been majorly involved in cryptocurrency since 2014. He is the founder of the AppCoin, which helped the local people to buy stuff locally using that coin. Another popular platform that Mr. Hertzog found out about the Bancor Protocol, which is another decentralized platform, and it is available at a very low cost.

This Bancor became famous when it gathered more than 150 dollars in 2017. According to the expert, investing in bitcoin is absolutely fine, but he suggests spending in very less amount to avoid any risk.

4. Mr. Beigel – You must have heard of 99bitcoin, which is a popular platform, and it contains blogs that are related to bitcoins and various other cryptocurrencies. The blogs have mainly focused on teaching how to invest in cryptocurrency and how to use cryptocurrency. He came to know about this digital currency in 2013, although he got to know this from some other writer’s book.

After reading the book and knowing all about cryptocurrency, he started a website named 99bitcoins, which was fully loaded with articles about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In recent times, millions of people visit his website on a regular basis to know about all the latest updates on bitcoin. According to him, you must spend all your savings on this site.


If you want to invest or do not want to invest is solely your decision but the fact is that the experts have made one common statement that does not invest all your earnings. You must spend only the extra money that you have or some portion of your savings. One thing is for sure that if you spend correctly you will earn a lot of money, and you can be a millionaire too, but you need to be very planful about this move.

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