The work of a DJ has become more complex over the years, at least in the legal aspects of it. That’s because, unlike in the past when a DJ could get music through tapes and CDs from artists and their affiliates, most music is now released online. Platforms like Spotify pretty much own most of the music released nowadays. The increased dominance of Spotify specifically, then leads to the question, can DJs use Spotify? Is it legal to DJ with Spotify?

This is a tough question and there may not be a direct answer to it. That’s because, as per the Spotify terms and conditions, you cannot use music from Spotify to DJ. Spotify terms and conditions state that, “the company only grants you a limited, revocable license to use their content for non-commercial purposes.” In other words, you can use their content to DJ for your own entertainment, but not for the use at commercial gigs. But here is where it gets interesting. Spotify does allow the use of its music within certain DJ software. These are Pacemaker App, Algoriddim’s djay 2 and djay pro. This means that you have expanded rights to music entertainment, when using their music on these DJ software programs. These rights emanate from the fact that they have exclusive agreements with these specific companies. With such selective rights to usage, it is difficult to tell, on which side of the law you are on when you DJ using Spotify music.


To avoid legal battles with Spotify, it is best to stay away from their music. There are millions of songs out there that are not on Spotify, and are free to use. Make use of such songs at your events to entertain your crowd. In fact, what fans really love is the ability to come up with seamless mixes, not necessarily the details of specific songs. This means that for as long as you have the skills to come up with brilliant mixes with a great beat, you really don’t need content from Spotify. Just find a good selection of music from other sources, come up with a good mix, and you are good to go.

Simply put, coming up with a good mix is the end result of skill and good equipment. If you have the skills and are in search of good equipment, then you need to check out This website has amazing reviews of the best DJ equipment on the market. From their reviews, you can get a good idea of the best equipment for your skill level, as well as the prices for different brands. For instance, from their reviews, a DJ can tell the best turntable brands for beginners and experts alike. This is vital information that is way more valuable than the music source. That’s because, if you purchase the wrong turntable, for instance, no amount of music would salvage your situation. Your event would flop irrespective of where you are getting your music. That’s why using a great website as a resource is a gem for anyone looking to work as a DJ.


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