Move to Canada Without a Job

The northern neighbor of the United States is a great place for both skilled workers and skilled tradespeople. Canada has a friendly visitor visa, work permit, and study permit system that allows you to stay in the country for a certain period of time. Moving from Canada to the United States may not seem like immigrating, but there are steps to take and things to know before you go. One important question to answer before you invest in a hockey stick and hunt down the best poutine spots is, can you move to Canada without a job?

How do you move to Canada?

You can move to Canada on a visitor visa if you plan to relocate for a few months. The visitor visa allows you to stay in Canada for up to six months with an option to renew your visa 30 days before it expires. A work or study permit is necessary if you plan to stay in Canada for more than six months. The length of a work or study permit depends on how long your university program or job offer lasts.

When planning to make a permanent move to Canada, the best option is to apply for Express Entry. It’s an online, fast-tracked immigration process that assesses your skills, education, and employment history. Qualified candidates for Express Entry have excellent English or French language proficiency, and at least one year’s experience as a skilled worker or skilled tradesperson.

Canada also welcomes self-employed individuals based on experience, education, a language proficiency assessment, a medical exam, and a police certificate.

Attending business school to achieve a business degree or master’s degree is a great way to broaden your professional horizons. Earning a Master of Business Administration will teach you invaluable knowledge and skills to succeed in the business world. The graduate-level business degree at Faulkner University will give you a foundation in key business areas through innovative program design. The graduate-level degree program is suited for students who have completed an undergraduate program and hold a Bachelor’s Degree.
The Christian university’s academic program offers undergraduate degree programs in business administration, management information systems, and project management. Their graduate program includes an MBA in a Master Science in Management. Faulker Univerity’s MBA program can be completed in 30 credit hours and includes coursework in business analytics, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and other business courses. Whether you are pursuing a certificate program, double degree, or graduate-level degree the more education and work experience you have, the better your chances of moving to Canada without a job.

Can you move to Canada without a job?

Yes, you do have options for moving to Canada if you don’t have a job. Canada has several immigration programs that allow you to move to the country without a job offer. The Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Programs are all options you can pursue.

Tradespeople play a vital role in the Canadian economy and are in high demand. The Red Seal program qualifies the skills of tradespeople hoping to work in Canada. Passing the Red Seal Exam during apprenticeship leads to receiving the Red Seal Endorsement after apprentices complete their time with a veteran tradesman.

Red Seal certification applies to 55 trades including construction workers, chefs, plumbers, and carpenters. The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) is responsible for the Red Seal program. Tradespeople must hold a valid certificate in a trade or occupation participating in the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program. After successfully passing the Red Seal examination for your trade, you will receive certification to work as a tradesperson in Canada.

Green Light Canada is an immigration service that can help tradespeople moving to Canada to obtain the Canadian Red Seal. The company has an impressive success rate with immigration expertise in work permits, business immigration, spousal sponsorship, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and more. Let Green Light Canada facilitate your Red Seal process so that you can focus on preparing for your move to the Great White North.

Moving to Canada without a job is possible thanks to visa, work, and study options.

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