We see CBD products everywhere nowadays. Whether it’s legal in your home state or not, it’s being sold all over the country. The market for it is exploding, and research on the magically healing part of the marijuana and hemp plants has been steadily expanding. Why all the fuss? Well, CBD is more than just a relaxant. It also doesn’t really get you high. It does, however, contain powerful healing properties.

It has been said that CBD oil, its scientific term being cannabinoid oil, can help with everything, from migraines to depression, and is easily accessible and not as expensive as many other traditionally prescribed medications or drugstore aspirins. The move toward holistic healing in contemporary culture is one that’s unearthing centuries-old techniques that can be used for a host of healing techniques.

CBD oil doesn’t just help with conditions that already exist. CBD can actually be a miracle worker in preventing conditions from starting. Much like exercise, a healthy diet and mental health are lifelong aspects of aging that you have to manage. This means keeping yourself as healthy as possible regularly can prevent your body and mind from deteriorating.

Taking care of yourself is a lifelong journey. Staying on top of your health is something you’ll thank yourself for by the time you’re in your later years. Prevent what you can now so you can enjoy those years, too. Who knew CBD would be the ticket?

What does CBD help to prevent?

  • Your Risk of Diabetes and Obesity

Diabetes type II can be diagnosed if someone hasn’t been taking care of themselves in terms of diet and exercise. Once the blood sugar levels in the body reach an all-time high, there’s no going back. While there’s a chance that diabetes can make a swift exit if you begin to diet in ways you never have before, it’s still not a done deal.

In the same way, obesity can increase the chance of heart disease and heart attack, as well as other bodily breakdowns. The American Journal of Epidemiology has reported that one-third of cannabis users have lower BMIs and a lower risk of diabetes. CBD specifically helps to convert “white fat” into “brown fat,” which promotes insulin production and stimulates the metabolism. CBD also works to reduce cholesterol and thus, the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Your Risk of Cancer

There have been several studies done on how THC and CBD can prevent certain cancers from spreading, and can even prevent growth in the first place. In terms of colon cancer, skin cancer, and tumors, the use of CBD and cannabis has been researched as being a preventative tactic. Regular cannabis users and CBD users can greatly decrease their risk of cancer and strengthen their immune systems with semi-regular use.

These are just some of the preventative health benefits of using CBD. Doing your research can test if CBD is the right method for you!


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