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When it comes to your child’s closet, not every colour is always right for them. There are some colours that you need to avoid totally or limit when purchasing some clothing for them.

Here are some standard colours in many children’s closet that you should reconsider having:

1. Dark blue

Generally, blue is a subtle colour, and you should not have issues including it in your child’s closet. What you must be careful with is the different shades of blue. There are numerous blue shades, and if you want to include them in your child’s closet, go for dark blue. Warm and light blue themes are known to increase productivity, and it can add some glamour to your child’s wardrobe. You would have one or two clothes that area navy or dark blue in your little one’s closet but you should embrace more bright blue shades. Blue can be cooling to your child, especially if they are that type that gets warm quickly.

2. Purple

If you are stocking your little angels’ closet, be careful not to go for gender-specific colours immediately. Some people will consider bright colours such as purple and yellow for their little girls and blue and brown for their little boys, but this should not always be the case. Children are not known to pick these gender-specific colours naturally, and you should neither do it for them. Consider having a balance on the different types of colours that you chose for your toddler’s closet and go for glamour, beauty and aesthetics. Purple boys pyjamas┬áis a no go for you, instead consider neutral and dull colours like brown.

3. Red

Although many people love the colour red, very few of us acknowledge its potential effect. The colour can significantly stimulate a child and increase their blood pressure. If you are restocking your child’s closet, it is perhaps best if you go for more soothing and neutral colours. If you have to purchase anything red, ensure that you go for more dull shades of red. You can also consider clothing that features the colour red partially with other integrated colours to it.

4. Black

The colour black is often associated with numerous bad things. It is considered the colour of mystery, and it should not be a priority when purchasing items for your child’s closet. The colour can have some adverse connotations to your child’s mood due to its dual nature. Consider going for brighter shades of black such as charcoal grey. It would be best if you also tried going for black with other strips to kill its monotony and boredom. You might think that black boys pyjamas are good to buy to consider black and white pants instead.

5. White

White is always the angel’s colour. For many people, white is the colour that represents purity, cleanliness and innocence. You could be attempted to fill your child’s closet with white clothing, although this is not always the case. Sometimes pure white can represent secretiveness and loneliness. White is not wrong, but when purchasing it, it is recommendable that you splash some dull colours on it to enhance openness. As you are also aware, white is prone to stains while it can come with a lot of challenges, especially if your child has just begun crawling.


It should not matter whether you have a boy or girl, consider avoiding the colours mentioned above.


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