jeep fender flares

Maintain your Jeep to enjoy a stylish look and proper protection. Take a minute to inspection your tires, fender flares and other exterior items to see if it’s time for replacement parts. Learn more about how Jeep fenders protect your vehicle and signs that it’s time to replace these components.

Whether you’re peeling out or simply cruising down a dirt road, your Jeep can kick up a lot of dust, gravel, water and other substances. This may make for a cool photo shoot, but it’s also a great way to crack another vehicle’s windshield or cover your undercarriage with dirt. Fender flares are designed to catch a lot of this thrown debris and protect your ride. Flares are less prone to damage and easier to clean than the rest of your Jeep’s body, so it’s important to check that your fenders are still working properly.

Visible Damage

Look for any signs of cracks or other damage. Most fender flares are made of durable plastic, but a collision or heavy riding can cause them to crack. Because of the location of fender flares, a patch is going to be difficult to blend seamlessly. It may be time to replace a flare if it’s cracked or missing a piece.

Broken flares are not only an eyesore, but they don’t offer the proper protection. A missing piece of fender flare is an opportunity for flying stones or other debris to make contact with another vehicle, which is bad news for both of you. An affordable replacement fender flare prevents this unfortunate incident.

Inadequate Coverage

Fender flares come in a wide range of sizes. Just like Jeep Wrangler tops, there are plenty of aftermarket options for your Jeep. Upgrade your OEM fenders if you find you’re still kicking up gravel and other debris. More aggressive options not only look stylish but also offer additional protection.

Be sure to select a fender flare that’s designed for your specific Wrangler. The contours of a Jeep can vary considerably, so ordering the wrong flares can delay your DIY replacement project. Save time and hassle by ordering online to ensure the right match for your ride.

Stubborn Stains

Most flares are black, but yours may be painted to match your vehicle. Either way, direct UV rays can quickly dull the paint job. Don’t let a dull fender flare make your Jeep look old and in poor condition. Try to clean your fender flare. If this doesn’t work, try a new paint job. Even this DIY project may not fully restore its look. In that case, it’s time to remove it and replace it with a shiny new fender flare.

Restore Your Jeep by Shopping Online

Keep on blazing trails and making memories with your Jeep Wrangler. Browse new fender flares and Jeep Wrangler soft tops online to turn a few outdated, damaged or ugly features into the most stylish parts of your Jeep. Invest in your ride to improve its safety and value. Restoring your ride and improving its value has never been this easy or affordable, so shop online today.


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