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Molds are almost everywhere, and they can grow on your chair, on your walls, on your wooden table, or sometimes in your bathroom that was not cleaned for some time. Molds are a type of fungus that grows at many placers, as long as it is moist and food sources (read more). Having them around could lead to some diseases and damage your plants and even furniture in your home!

Like molds, water can also damage some properties you own through prolonged exposure. For example, it can rot your wood and rusting your metals, and it can also help the growth of molds and bacteria. Water damage can be either a slow or sudden occurrence. Examples of sudden events would be floods and a pipe that broke.

How Can We Prevent Mildew Damage Problems?

The primary causes of mold growth are moist and food sources, as stated above. Prevent its development by eliminating their sources for growth. But to be more specific about it, here are some tips you could use to prevent the growth in your home!

1. Don’t Leave Your Leftover Food On Your Table

Molds can grow in food leftovers if left unattended for days, and molds could travel through the air. Once it latches on the food, it would start to grow. One great example of this is corn. Leaving it somewhere exposed to air, then you’ll see some of the molds begin to grow.

2. Control The Moisture Of Your House

Another source is moisture, so you have to control it as much as you can. You can use a humidity level measuring tool to see how humid your house is. As much as you can, maintain the humidity levels at sixty percent to prevent mold growth.

3. Dry Your Clothes Outside

Don’t let your clothes dry inside, as it would affect the humidity levels in your house. To add, the water that drips from wet clothes could become a source. Cleaning the water inside is a hassle as well, so it’s better to dry it all outside.

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4. Clean The Spills

Please don’t leave a spill to dry out on its own; wipe it down! The mold grows faster, especially on wooden surfaces. Spilling on it will speed up the growth twice, or even thrice! So as much as you can, clean it all!

How Can We Prevent Water Damage Problems?

The answer is obvious; it’s to dry out any water on your furniture, floors, and other damp surfaces. But what about sudden occurrences? We have emergency service for scenarios such as this in which experts could help you with your water problems. But what can we do to prevent such occurrences? Here are some tips for you!

1. Check Your Pipes

water leakage

Pipes could rust over time, so one thing to prevent the pipe from blowing is to check it monthly. Once you notice some parts of the pipe rusting and weakening, plan on replacing it, and you could call experts to help you.

2. Have A Drainage System In Your Home

The drainage system would be useful in basements. Basements could hold up water in the occurrence of floods. It would be difficult to use a bucket and throw the water outside and mop to help with your convenience. A drainage system on the roof would help, too, if you don’t have any yet.

3. Prevent The Occurrence Of Flood With Nature!

Yes, nature can help you prevent floods, like trees and plants. Trees are significant contributors to preventing floods. The roots absorb water like sponges in the ground (know more in this link: making the water stop from coming inside your house. Plants in numbers could help as well.

Molds and Water Problems In Your House? Call The Experts!

If molds already grew in your house or water problems occurred, call some experts to help you! With them around, you would not have to worry about such issues. They will be one to solve your problem for you! They have services dedicated to eliminating the root of the problem and also a cleanup.

Their expert methods not only help you solve the problem, but the cleanup would also help prevent further damage and disease that may happen to you by purifying the air from molds. They would again do final inspections to make sure you are safe. So consider calling them up!

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