It is important in this world for everyone to try to make a difference. Individually this is something we can all at least attempt to do, but when it comes to businesses, it isn’t quite as easy. With so many people involved and so much emphasis on profit-making, businesses that really do make a difference seem to be few and far between. However, there are some companies that really are making a difference in the world, and these companies should certainly be celebrated.

Pet Conscious

Pet Conscious is a company that believes all animals and pets should be treated fairly and looked after as well as possible. They believe there is never any excuse for animal cruelty or neglect, and work hard to prevent this from happening, and to pick up the pieces when it does. Pet Conscious also tries to help animals diagnosed with cancer, for example, by keeping them as pain-free as possible. For the creatures that have no voice, Pet Conscious is helping and putting their stories forward as much as they possibly can. This really does make a difference.

Georgia Drug Detox

Georgia Drug Detox offers detox centers in Atlanta, which allow those who are suffering through drug addiction to effectively start all over again in a comfortable and peaceful place with all the support that is needed. Healthcare professionals guide those who need this help back to health, removing their need and dependency on drugs, and giving them a purpose in life once more. The focus for these Georgia detox centers is on holistic healthcare, and this is what provides the best chance of long-term positive results.


Kiva is based in San Francisco. It was founded in 2005 and is a non-profit company working towards alleviating as much poverty as possible. It lends money through a proprietary crowd-funding platform that means those on low incomes who want to start their own businesses and pull themselves out of debt and poverty can do so without having to take on money heavy financial burdens. So far, Kiva has generated $972.2 million for entrepreneurs across the world so that they can take their ideas and projects to the next level and so something good for themselves.


Based in New York, DoSomething is an organization that helps young people find more engagement and focus in their communities. That means that people can more easily find volunteering opportunities, run campaigns that will make their neighborhoods better, and generally advocate positive social change. The idea behind DoSomething is to give young people the power and confidence to fight any injustices they see in a meaningful, long-lasting way.


Method is a company based in San Francisco that creates cleaning products that have nothing ‘dirty’ in them. Method products are safe to use on any surface in the home, and are environmentally aware, so there are no nasty toxins and chemicals (the ‘dirty’ elements) in them, or used in creating them in general. Using Method products is one way to help the environment, and the company behind them is really trying to make a big difference.

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