Holding Yourself Accountable

Having a drug and/or alcohol addiction is frustrating and complicated, but you should remain hopeful that you can get to a better place soon. There is help out there for you and ways for how you can get clean and live a healthier lifestyle.

Holding Yourself Accountable

It’s extremely important that you not only change your habits but that you also hold yourself accountable for your actions. Blaming others and looking the other way is only going to get you into more trouble and stall your recovery progress. Continue to try your best and learn from your mistakes so you can eventually be clean and sober once and for all.

Meet with the Professionals


Get clean and hold yourself accountable by working with the professionals; don’t try to do it all on your own. For instance, there are meth addiction recovery treatment centers out there that will aid you in your journey to setting yourself free from addiction. They’ll not only be able to help you part ways from your drug of choice but will also make sure you’re sticking to your promise and not cutting corners or slipping back into old habits.

Make it Easy on Yourself

The key to getting clean and holding yourself accountable is to take a good look at your current lifestyle. For example, make the process easier on yourself by cleaning out the liquor cabinet, changing your circle of friends and investing in an interlock system for your car. Eliminate anything in your life that would make you feel tempted to engage in destructive behaviors and replace them with helpful devices and people who can act as your support system.

Adopt New & Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors

Healthy Lifestyle

Another way to get clean and hold yourself accountable for doing so is to adopt new and healthy lifestyle behaviors. This is a good opportunity for you to hit the gym and get fit or try a new hobby that you find interesting that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were using. Try heading home after work and go for a walk or catch up on a favorite television series instead of attending happy hour with your coworkers.

Track Your Progress

The only way to know if you’re truly succeeding at getting clean is to hold yourself accountable by tracking your progress. One way to easily do this is to maintain a calendar and journal and write down your goals and monitor how you’re keeping up with them each day and week. This way you can quickly pinpoint where the problem areas are or that are most challenging for you and problem solve so you can continue to improve over time. Be sure to also include small wins along the way to help keep yourself motivated to stay on track.


It’s not easy to get clean but it’s possible when you’re diligent about holding yourself accountable. Take advantage of these suggestions for how you can achieve this goal and turn your life around. Accept that it may not be an easy road, but that you can overcome adversity if you refuse to give up trying.


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