Current Corona Virus Situation in Italy

Italy has reported the highest death toll from coronavirus than any other country. The area of northern Italy has been badly affected by the virus. The number of affected patients continued to rise due to coronavirus outbreak in Italy. The latest Italian report stated that there have been more than 50 cases reported which is now approaching to hundreds. People of Italy are getting out of town because of the coronavirus outbreak. Nearly 500 people died on Wednesday, officials said. Videos are posted on social media to show military trucks in the city of Bergamo preparing to transport the dead to nearby cities. Medical teams from China have arrived to fight the horrible virus.

Governor’s Appeal

The governor of Italy made an appeal to medical students and all the health workers. He said that he want doctors and nurses to make their selves available for coronavirus affectees and help him get the country out of this dark phase. He also said that with the availability of health workers, we all can find important answers to the challenges we face.

Death Toll

The number of the death toll has increased in the last 24 hours and reached 3,405 since the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy. Italy has exceeded the total number of deaths so far registered in China.


  1. Prime minister of Italy said that the measures they are going to take, they expect them to get even more strict. A complete lockdown is what prime minister suggested.
  2. The sports minister said that he is considering to stop all outdoor activities that mean no more walks or jogging in the park simply because they need to stay at home in order to limit the spread of Covid-19.
  3. School closure will be extended to April 3rd.
  4. The authorities and officials are imploring people to listen to the rules i.e. practice social distancing, stay at home (only leave home when it’s necessary). The authorities are imposing rules just because they have seen dramatic and immense numbers of deaths with Covid-19.
  5. The authorities believe the next week or so are very crucial so everyone and every individual should stay home. The peak infection rate hasn’t been reached here.
  6. In addition to schools, dozens of underground stations will remain closed.
  7. Public transport services will also reduce.
  8. The government has recommended public not to go to restaurants and stay at home.

Italians in Corona Virus Quarantine

  • Nobody should leave his/her house unless he/she has a serious reason.
  • Wear face masks whenever you go out.
  • Use sanitizers whenever you touch something.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds and say no to handshakes.
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