If you want to transform your home, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow to transform your room into an ideal one. There are some simple principles that must be kept in mind while arranging the furniture, decorative items, and wall paints. Other than this, you can do whatever you like to do with your room but only if you keep the basic principles in mind.

These principles don’t take years to master. You can simply learn them by applying to your home. In this article, we are sharing these principles with you so that you can use them to redecorate your home interior very effectively and with least cost possible.

Personal Home Transformation Guide

1. Decide Paint Colors in The End

People generally think that it would be ideal to move into a home with all the walls freshly painted. Also, when living in the same place, when it comes to renovating the whole space, they chose to paint their walls first and then start working on other things.

Principally it is wrong to do this. First, you have to decorate your home and place everything where you want. After that, you must choose for the right tone, shade or tint of the paint color. As after decoration, you know the light capacity of each room, the color scheme of your furniture and other decorative items, so you will be able to choose the right color. Therefore, always decide the paint color at the end. For a selection of the right color, you can take help from painting companies, such as www.paysonspainting.ca.

2. Hang You Art Work Pieces at The Right Height

Personal Home Transformation

Another principle that interior decoration experts use is that they always place the art pieces at the right height of the room wall. For instance, if your artwork is of medium size, it must be placed at least around 60 inches above from the floor. It should not be less or more than that.

If you feel difficulty in selecting the right height, then place your artwork on the wall and take a picture of it. It will give you an idea of how it looks and what you need to change. You have to keep in mind that this place should relate to the human scale and not to the structural scale of your room.

3. The Arrangement of Furniture and Rugs

Another important thing while decorating your home is to carefully place the furniture and the rugs. If they are placed too close to each other, your living room or bedroom would likely look very conjusted. Therefore, place them at a proper distance from each other. Moreover, try not to stuff your home with too much furniture.

When it comes to the placement of rugs, try to place them in the legs of furniture. This placement gives a luxurious look. If the room is small, then you can place a small rug that touches the front legs of your furniture.

These are the three main principles that you can easily follow without much effort to make your decoration even more effective and attractive.


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