finding student accommodation

Are you about to join a university? Concerns about housing are believed to be the main problems for learners. However, with some insights, you’re likely to overcome the challenges that come along.

Here are ten tips you can use to find the best student accommodation to match your preference.

1. Talk to Existing Tenants

Before joining an institution, you can ask some of the scholars about how they are finding their stay in the student housing Philadelphia. Are they safe? Are they clean? These are among the questions that are likely to aid you to find the perfect match for you.

2. Student Housing Websites

The internet is one of the places you can use to source the best place to live in as a student. Once you have decided which institution you want to enroll in, try to search for the most favorable housing unit available around the city. This way, you will have eliminated the need of physically shopping around and can use the time to prepare for other things.

3. Safety

Unfortunately, theft cases in scholars’ housing units tend to be high. Criminals know that learners spend the whole day barely in school, making it easy for thieves to break into the students’ homes.

It’s essential to confirm that your renting agency has set mechanisms that ensure learners don’t lose anything from their properties. Be sure to look out for security guards, installation of CCTV cameras, etc.

4. Insulation

The weather In Philadelphia is not always constant. Living in school apartments that are not adequately insulated would be a nightmare. You’d be forced to battle the freezing environment, which could cause you illnesses.

Renting apartments with insulation is likely to come in handy. You won’t have to worry about procuring heaters that would possibly bring about high electric bills.

5. Cleanliness

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all students’ homes are always clean. Some may be old and with damp stains that may make the places unattractive. Similarly, when you stay in a dirty environment, the risks of getting infections would be high.

It would be prudent to affirm that the place you’d wish to rent has set mechanisms to dispose of waste. Look for availability of the facility’s workers as some of the residents’ surroundings may need to be cleaned by outsourcing cleaners.

6. Proximity to your Institution

The nearness of the students’ complex is essential. When searching for the best place to reside during your learning, it would be better if you rented a place close to your institution. That way, you’d save on transport cost and time you’d spend while commuting.

7. Electric Appliances

Electric sockets are critical components in student housing. In the event where you’re moving in as a group, you wouldn’t want to live in a unit where you can’t charge your phone or computers. Make sure there are enough correctly fitted sockets to avert arguments with your folks when everyone wants to use their computer.

8. Furnishing

In some schools housing units, students are likely to be asked to buy mattresses and a study desk for their hostel stay. It would be prudent to rent an apartment that comes fitted with furniture. Go for the home units that have relatively new items, or the renting company that is known to replace them often. This way, you’d save bucks that you’d use for your upkeep.

9. Entertainment

Don’t you love gimmicks? Well, I do, and if you’re like me, you likely want to stay in a place you’d play around to unwind. Some of the scholars’ units come with no gaming or entertainment facilities, which make living in them dull.

However, opting to reside in student housing Philadelphia, you’d find a TV, a gym, etc., to keep you engaged during your free time. During the time, you’d be in a position to catch up with classmates and relish yourselves.

10. Water Supply

In apartments where learners use the bathrooms simultaneously, the risk of water not reaching the top floors is likely to be inevitable, especially if the pressure is inadequate. To be on the safe side, ensure the management of the home that you’re seeking to move into has set mechanisms to pump water. Look for availability of storage tanks and pressure pumps, and if you can’t locate them, make sure to ask those responsible since the containers are often located underground.


With the above tips, looking for the students’ housing would be easy. Go for renounced institution renting agents that often have offers for their tenants. That way, you’d be lucky to find the best match and save money.


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