Neighborhood Parking

As the number of people living in cities increases the amount of car parking spaces appears to decrease. This is because there is an increasing number of people needing spaces and more vehicles on the road. It’s rare for a property to have just one vehicle even if they only have one parking space.

This leads to the issue of neighbors fighting for spaces on the street or in local car parks. Of course, they are also competing with commuters.

The good news is there is a solution.

Permit Parking

In many cases, the buildings in the city have parking underneath them. What may surprise you is that many of the spaces are unused as people that live in the city don’t have a car. This may make you wonder why congestion is so bad and parking difficult to find.

The simple answer is that many neighborhood zones are permit holders only. While this makes sense for the people that live in the area, it can mean that many spaces are left empty. That’s frustrating for commuters looking for somewhere to park and for homeowners with more than one vehicle.

In short, the permit situation needs to be handled better to ensure the spaces are all used. This requires the intervention of digital technology to monitor when cars are parked and when spaces are available. A digital interface can then provide parking to others, knowing the permit holder doesn’t need the space.

It’s also necessary to make it possible for permit holders to trade, or sublet their permits. They can then offer their space to others that need it.

Renting Spaces

In fact, people with a car parking space that is currently unused can use this parking Perth service to match their space with someone who needs it. The user will pay the space owner, effectively renting the space for a given period. This is usually done annually and can be limited to between specific hours.

The beauty of this approach is that spaces which are currently sitting empty all day can be used. It relieves the parking issues, lowers congestion, saves the commuter money, and can help the homeowner to generate a little extra funds.

The knock-on effect of this will be a reduction of demand for current off-street parking, forcing the companies to lower the cost of parking and make it more attractive to everyone.

Park & Ride Facilities

It’s also possible to fix neighborhood parking by encouraging people to park for free outside the city and catch a commuter bus, (also free), into the city. It’s slightly less convenient but it could save people a substantial amount of money while reducing demand for city spaces and lowering congestion levels.

The secret to successfully fixing neighborhood and all parking issues in the big cities is to engage the people living in these cities. They can see the benefit of renting their spaces and will be happy to help solve the neighborhood parking problem.

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