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Advancements in technology have completely revolutionized how we keep ourselves, our families, and our belongings safe. New smart technology can be used to protect your home with wireless home security systems, assist seniors with medication management software, and keep family members safe with GPS location trackers. With this in mind, here are the top ways that technology can help keep you and your home safe.

Home Security Systems

According to FBI crime statistics, a burglary occurred every 22.6 seconds in 2017, equaling around 3,757 burglaries a day. Not only can a break-in be extremely costly to homeowners, but it can also cause a great sense of anxiety and stress knowing that someone has entered your private living space. It is, therefore, vital that homeowners do what they can to improve their home security and keep their valuables safe. Fortunately, many smart home security systems can help you create a more secure living space for you and your family. Several research studies have found that a home security system is a highly effective way to deter criminals from targeting your home. There are many different home security systems available, from affordable basic systems to high-tech smart systems featuring software like remote viewing, infrared vision, and instant notifications to your smartphone via WiFi. Whatever your budget, it’s worth investing in a quality security system to help keep your home safe.

Personal Security Devices

Home security device

Personal security devices have evolved massively over the years, and there is a huge range of personal alarms and smart devices on the market today. Investing in a personal security device offers several excellent benefits such as deterring crime and keeping you safe while you’re on the go, at work, or at home. A portable emergency hub is a fantastic personal security device with a variety of excellent features to help keep you safe. This technology features personalized weather alerts direct to your phone, a panic button that sends instant GPS location information, and a flashlight, along with other great features. You can even now purchase smart jewelry that offers a built-in panic button that sends instant notifications to your chosen family and friends altering them that you need help and providing them with your exact location.

GPS Tracking Software

GPS tracking devices can be used in many ways to keep people safe. For instance, they can be worn by seniors so that family members can monitor their location and find them quickly should they become lost or confused. Parents can also use a GPS tracking device to monitor the whereabouts of their child when they’re not around. This gives many parents peace of mind knowing that they can easily locate their child if they get into any trouble. GPS tracking software has improved significantly in recent years and can help people all around the world in a variety of situations. Most GPS devices are small, portable, and can be found for an extremely affordable price. The devices can easily be placed in the pocket or clothing of an individual or attached to a vehicle to provide 24/7 live location updates.

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