Long-Distance Move

Moving is often a huge life event and moving long-distance is even bigger. If you are planning to move to another state hundreds of miles away, it’s important to have a plan to ensure that the process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. No matter where you are moving to or who is going with you, keep these tips in mind to help you feel prepared, confident, and in control.

Plan Ahead:

The more you plan and the more detail that you put into your planning, the better. Start making plans as early as possible. Make a folder for your move, either physical or digital, and keep everything that you’re going to need like receipts, lists, quotes, and any other paperwork safely together in one place. It is also a good idea to start a moving checklist for all the things that you will need to do before the big move and when they should be completed by, to help you stay on top of everything. Finally, make early decisions about what you’re going to do yourself and what you’ll hire a professional to help with. Services like car transportation from Guardian Auto Transport may need to be booked well in advance to ensure that you can get the date you want.

Do Your Research:

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The right moving company can make all the difference to your long distance move and hiring professional movers will certainly help to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. A professional moving company will be highly trained and have a lot of experience, so you can trust them to move your items much more efficiently than you might be able to do on your own, along with having better tools and equipment for the job. Research long distance moving companies and get quotes well in advance to ensure that you’re able to book the best one for moving day.

Clear Out Your Stuff:

Long distance moves are likely to be expensive when you have a lot of items to move, so you can make the experience less stressful and cheaper by downsizing before you start packing. Clear out your items and donate, sell, recycle, give or throw away any belongings that you do not need to take with you. Consider the area that you are moving to and determine if the things you own are going to be of much use to you there. For example, you probably won’t need to take a snow blower if you are moving from Michigan to Florida.

Start Packing Early:

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The more organized you are when it comes to packing for your long distance move, the better. Start packing any items that you are not going to need until after the move as early as possible so that you’re not in a rush to get everything packed away at the last minute. Label your boxes so that once you’ve moved into your new home, you can immediately find the items you need the most.

Long distance moves can be exciting yet stressful. Keep these tips in mind to help your move run smoothly and stress-free.’

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  1. Your point about packing early was definitely the one point I liked reading about the most. Being in a hurry can usually lead to some pretty bad decisions and a couple of arguments, so I want to avoid last-minute situations as much as possible. I’ll take your advice and start packing as early as I can before I start hiring a moving company in the area that can assist us with our stuff.


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