Pest Control Tips

Pests is a very generic term; your definition will depend on where you are located. But, no matter where you live you will find some type of pest that needs to be monitored against.

This fact is illustrated by the value of the pest control, industry in the US. It has been growing for years and is set to grow another 4.6% this year alone.

This is why it is essential to get professional help. No matter whether you are at home or enjoying a picnic; knowing what to do to keep the pests away will make a difference to your enjoyment of any occasion.

Note: These 10 tips are terrific for getting rid of pests in your home. However, we don’t cover weed and garden control in this article. If you need some awesome tips on that topic, check out the following resource on the best weed killers to keep your garden healthy.

10 Pest Control Tips

1. Cleanliness

Flies and many other pests are attracted to debris in your home. This can be tiny crumbs of food that you can barely see; but they’ll smell!

Help to keep the pests at bay by keeping all your surfaces and floors clean.

2. Remove Rubbish

Rubbish is one of the most attractive smells to a huge variety of pests; it indicates food for them.

Keep your bins closed, your garbage bags sealed and any rubbish outside should be at least 6 foot away from your home. It is also a good idea to get rid of it regularly.

3. Inspect Your Home

You need to walk round your home on a regular basis to ensure there are no access points for pests. Mice, ants and termites can find their way in through the smallest of holes.

Be vigilant and block their access!

4. Avoid Standing Water

Standing water is known to attract mosquitoes as they love to breed in this type of environment. Make sure you have none within the vicinity of your home; this will keep them away.

5. Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

You might be surprised at how fast termites can do damage to your home. One of the best ways to keep them away is to make sure you have concrete round the edge of your home.
You also need to keep the firewood as far away from your home as possible as rotting wood is a perfect home for these pests.

6. Rotate Your Food

Food which can go out of date needs to be rotated regularly to ensure it is eaten. This is particularly relevant for fruit which attracts fruit flies as it becomes over ripe.

Eat it, or get rid of it before it reaches this stage.

7. Keep Inside & Outside Toys Separate

Pests can be attracted to toys and outside furniture. They are also very good at clinging to these items. If you bring them into your home you are inviting the pests in!
Keep outside items outside. If they really need to come in then clean them first.

8. Use Herbs

Many pests don’t like the aroma of mint. This is just one herb that can be used to keep pests away. It has the added benefit of being pleasant smelling outside your home!

9. Fan Power

On a hot day a fan can help to cool any room. It can also make it extremely difficult for any flying pests to enter your house. They generally don’t fly well in strong winds!

10. Get An Expert

Finally, if you appear to be developing a pest problem or are worried which types of pests you should be guarding against; then contact a professional.

They can provide advice and assistance.


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