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Your bestie has done so much for you that when it comes time for her birthday or Christmas, you don’t want to just phone it in (well, unless you’re buying her a phone, which is amazing). On the other hand, a great gift doesn’t always have to mean spending a fortune. A good start is to look at funny birthday cards or funny holiday ecards that suit her just right, as the best cards and presents are the ones sent straight from the heart and incorporate some sort of interest, inside joke, or something else this special friend has perhaps mentioned in passing. Need some inspiration for the perfect present? Read on for five gift ideas your best friend will love.

Best Friend Birthday Gift

1. An Experiential Gift FTW

Nothing beats the gift of experience, particularly if you live in the same area. From tickets to a concert or baseball game, to two seats at a play or a day at Disney, experiential gifts last a lifetime in our memories. If you don’t live in the same area as a friend who’s celebrating a milestone birthday, perhaps the surprise visit will be just the ticket—literally and figuratively. You could even get the ball rolling on a road orhe otr trip you’ve been planning for a while. Whatever you choose, experiential gifts are the ones that are often treasured the most for years to come.

2. A Sprocket Printer

This one could go hand in hand with number one, really, as you need a portable device to print the photos from your amazing experience. All too often these days, our photos live in our phone and on social media but never reach the outside world (or our walls). With this innovative invention, you can print right from your social media accounts via your smartphone using the Sprocket Printer App. It uses Bluetooth connectivity, so it couldn’t be easier to set it up at your friend’s birthday party. Save the money on a photo booth and set up your own, printing off the photos as you go. You could even create a photo collage on the spot by running a clothesline across the room. Your BFF can add borders, emojis, text, and more to put her marvelous mark on the end result. A picture’s worth a thousand words, but being able to print them out? Now that’s priceless.

3. Personalized Jewelry

Women nearly universally love jewelry but what’s even better, is that it’s easy to find a way to personalize a piece for a friend in such unique ways. Whether you get her something with her name on it, her initials, her kids’ names, or some other variation, she’ll be tickled pink that you went the extra mile to personalize it for her. And if you go with some sort of charm bracelet or necklace, you can add to it every year as a birthday tradition. If you don’t think this would be her jam, another super creative take on jewelry are diffuser bracelets. If your friend has mentioned her love of essential oils, this could be the way to go.

4. (Insert) Of the Month

How about a gift that keeps on giving? There are so many “of the month” clubs these days. From a wine-of-the-month club membership and clothing subscription services (great for the fashion-challenged friend) to a food delivery box like Hello Fresh and candle subscriptions (yes, these exist!), the possibilities are nearly endless. Plus, she’ll think of you every time her monthly gift comes. And since you know her so well, you’ll undoubtedly pick out something that will make her happy.

5. Something Silly

Laughs aren’t always easy to come by, especially when we’re running around during the week from pillar to post. Get her something that will not only make her smile, but will also make her giggle—and we don’t mean a gag gift either, so put down the whoopee cushion. Whether it’s a pair of socks that are personalized with her dog’s photo on it, some cheeky pillows to go on her bed, or a funny photo of the two of you that had framed, a gift like this will brighten her day.

Don’t stress when it comes to getting your best friend a gift, as you certainly don’t have to break the bank or reinvent the wheel. Think of getting something off this list and she’ll be over the moon for your perfect present.


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