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Planning a kid’s party is overwhelming and not an easy thing to do. You have to order the cake, organize the food, decorate the place, pick a theme, send invitations, and entertain the little guests later. But it all starts with sending a birthday invitation card.

Finding the perfect invitation cards theme is the most essential part before planning an ideal birthday party for your kid. Make sure your kids birthday party invitations cards match the idea of the party. If your party is spider man themed, don’t send Halloween birthday party invitations. Keep the theme same; everyone will remember the party and the cute invitation cards you send.

Here are 5 best invitations ideas you can use for kids of any age. Pick one that suits you best and make your birthday party a hit.

Unicorn Party Invitation

A Unicorn Party Invitation Cards

Everyone loves unicorns! And what about a unicorn birthday invitation card? AWESOME! From kids to adults, we all like unicorns and rainbows. This invitation card idea is trendy and fashionable. With very less effort and creativity, you can create unicorn theme invitation cards, order a unicorn theme cake, decorate like a rainbow and there you go! Simple, comfortable and pretty.

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Water Fun Birthday Invitation Cards

A pool party is a big hit among kids. If you are planning your kids birthday party during summers, go for the pool birthday party. You can send water fun themed birthday invitation cards. They are creative and so much fun. Get a water pump or water balloon and send it with the birthday invitation card. You can add a customized message on a tag and tie it with the balloon or the pump. You can even use a beach ball or any other water toy. There are hundreds of water fun ideas, choose what you like.

Science Theme Birthday Invitation Cards

Kids will love the science theme birthday party for sure. Every kid loves experimenting and learning something new. You may have seen kids showing interest in science projects. Utilize that interest to create these fantastic kids birthday party invitations. Make your slime, create a DIY robot, build a small volcano, or anything that interests your kid. Your kids will never forget this party ever.

Superhero Birthday Party Invitation Cards

It doesn’t matter if you are planning the birthday party for a girl or a boy, everyone is obsessed with superheroes. You can keep the birthday theme of your kid’s favorite superhero or ask your guests to come dressed up as their favorite superhero. Print the superhero theme invitation cards at home and send. This is one of the cheapest birthday invitation card ideas. Order a superhero cake and your party will be the year’s best birthday party.

Baking Theme Birthday Invitation Cards

A baking theme birthday party can be the most memorable party ever. Simply send a cupcake with a name tag as an invitation. Kids will love it. Ask kids to come and bake their own cupcakes and cookies. Decorate the cookies and have fun. Everyone will love it. You can pick either a cupcake theme or a cookie theme. Get your kids to work and have some fun. If you are planning for theme birthday for your kid and didn’t decide the theme yet, then check out the amazing post about Encanto Cake Ideas for Encanto theme decor birthday.

These simplest and cutest theme kids birthday party invitations cards make the best of the parties. Write down the ideas and discuss with your kids and then follow the plan. Don’t forget to send the birthday invitation card a week before the party so that everyone can be there on time.

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