With summer just around the corner, the incoming blazing temperatures are bound to make some planned outdoor projects harder to work on. Luckily, our Mytee Products’ Shade Tarps are designed to be the perfect solution! In many instances, shade tarps are used to repel heat and as sun protection. However, the uses of our sun tarps are nearly limitless.

Just how versatile are they? Does the color of your tarp really play just as important of a role as the material it’s made of? Whether you’re looking to create a shaded area on your patio or plan on starting a greenhouse, keep reading to learn how Mytee Products’ sun tarps with grommets can help bring your outdoor vision to life!

How to Install a Shade Tarp:

Our shade tarps are commonly used as privacy screens for construction companies and by landscapers to cover trees and brush and to cover dump trucks or roll-off trucks when they’re not in motion. However, homeowners can also use sun tarps to cover their patios and gardens, providing shade cover where they need it most.

These mesh sun tarps reduce the amount of direct sunlight in a given space to ensure you have the perfect amount of light and heat in your greenhouses or dog kennels; this is especially helpful during the summer months!

Our sun shade tarps are designed with brass grommets every two feet to make securement simple and easy! Having grommets makes it easier to place and secure your tarp precisely where you need shade, no matter how tight or unique the angle!

When you unfold the mesh shade tarp, use the grommets to secure the tarp by using zip ties, rubber ties, bungee cords, and even bungee ball ties! Ensure all points are secure so that your shade tarp does not come loose or flap open!

The Importance of Shade Cloth Color and Quality:

Did you know choosing your sun tarp cloth color and cloth quality can end up being more than just a matter of personal preference! Our sun tarps are currently offered in only black and green, though sun shade tarps can come in a variety of colors including white, red, yellow, or blue.

  • Darker color shade tarps are best for absorbing heat, while lighter colors reflect the sun. So, green and black work wonderfully as a light filter and for plant growth!

The Importance of Shade Cloth Color and Quality

  • The colors of your sun tarp do more than just adjust the amount of sun you let into your space, they can also have an effect on your mood! Warm colors like yellow and red typically connect to optimism and boldness, while cooler colors like green and black or grey relate to calmness, growth, and peace. The color of your shade tarp can impact the aesthetic and mood of your shaded area!
  • Our mesh shade tarps are breathable, cool, and durable! So they are perfect for covering live, fragile cargo and can block out intense or direct sunlight while still letting in cool air. The breathable material prevents moisture and condensation from building under the tarp while in storage, which prevents mold and mildew buildup!
  • Shade tarps are typically available in knitted or woven styles:

A. Woven Sun Shade Tarps are made of 100% polypropylene, making them heavier but able to withstand more intense heat and UV exposure. Designed with long interlacing threads, these sun tarps are perfect for shading patios, kennels, privacy, and windscreens or sun protection.

B. Knitted Sun Shade Tarps are made of lightweight polyethylene, making them UV resistant and easier to install. Their open lockstitch design resists tears, wind damage, and reduces heat build-up. These shade tarps have a more limited range in applications but are best suited for agricultural purposes, such as greenhouses.

  • One thing that you should consider when looking at sun tarps is their percentage of shade cloth! Shade cloth percentages typically rest between 40-60% and can reduce temperatures by 13-24 degrees, Fahrenheit.

Tips on Season-Wide Use of Sun Tarps:

You will find yourself getting the most use out of shade tarps during the summer months, but what should you do with these sun tarps during the colder seasons?

  • While you may initially want to place your shade tarps into storage when summer comes to an end, depending on where you live it may not be necessary! If you live in states that see little to no snowfall during winter, you don’t have to take your sun tarps down at all.
  • Cleaning your tarps regularly helps them last longer, but cleanliness is incredibly important when it’s time to take down and store your shade tarps. Never store a tarp that hasn’t been cleaned, as you never know what kinds of dirt and bacteria are trapped in the webbing; leaving that to fester all season long can end up ruining your sun tarps and make them unusable come spring and summer. Clean your tarps with a mild detergent and warm water – NEVER put your tarp in a washing machine.
  • Always remember when storing your mesh sun tarps to never store them while they’re wet, as you will risk mold growth. Do not fold, roll, or store it until it is completely dry – the most efficient way to dry a shade tarp is to hang it across a laundry line or lay it flat on the ground.
  • However, there are cases in which buying the right, heavy-duty sun shade tarp – like the ones we offer at Mytee Products – can offer you year-round use! Keeping your shade tarps up during the winter provides some shelter from the elements. Whether it’s wind, rain, or snow, these tarps create a protected space on your patio or in your garden.
  • Outdoor activities and home improvement projects aren’t restricted to the warmer months of the year; whether your pouring cement, planting season-specific flowers or plants, or landscaping your yard, these shade tarps can somewhat protect your ongoing work from sudden snowfall.

Winter weather can be harsh on any outdoor project. No matter what you’re working on, having a few mesh sun tarps or vinyl tarps on hand can be a life-saver! It is important to remember that our mesh shade tarps are not waterproof, though they do provide a small degree of protection from rain or snow under light precipitation. They will not be as effective during heavy snowfall or storms.

The Versatile Applications of Shade Tarps:

As we’ve mentioned above, our shade tarps have many uses! Since these sun tarps are made of heavy-duty, 30% to 50% UV-resistant polyethylene fabric there are many uses you may not consider these mesh tarps would be applicable for!

  • Landscaping – Shade tarps with grommets can cover loads that need to breathe but can’t be trapped under direct sunlight, such as trees or brush. If you have containers that have openings that need to be covered and are not in motion, sun tarps are a perfect solution! The grommets allow for the mesh tarp to be tied to the sides of the containers and removed with ease.
  • Privacy – Mesh shade tarps are used to cover patios, as windscreens, and as privacy screens. It allows just enough light through for privacy from the outside world without blocking your view of it. Additionally, the comfortable airflow works well for special event barriers or construction/job site privacy and protection.

  • Plant Growth – Shade sun tarps are most commonly used as cover for greenhouses and gardens. Black and green sun shade tarps reduce the amount of sunlight while radiating heat for the plants being covered; these colored tarps are perfect for greenhouses and increased plant growth!
  • Shelter – Our sun tarps can be used to create an awning, tent, or interior cab lining to block out harsh direct light while still letting in a cool breeze. The mesh tarp fabric is also perfect for protecting objects you intend to keep outdoors, like vehicles.
  • Agriculture/Farming – You can provide much-needed shade or shelter on your land for your livestock to rest or graze under with our shade tarps, as well as protect Agriculture/Farming equipment like tractors from the elements.


Shade tarps make perfect filters from the hot, summer sun. Whether you’re using it for your patio, garden, or work site, Mytee Products is happy to provide both green and black shade tarps in different sizes! Let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us if you have any questions about our heavy-duty, sun tarps with grommets!


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