While winter is still around in most areas, it’s never too early to start preparing your home for the summer. In fact, as soon as it warms up, it’s wise for you to do so. As you decorate your home or consider hiring a painter, don’t forget about the upcoming season. Here are a few reasons why you should make it your number one priority.

It’s Going to Be Hot

No matter where you live, it’s hot during the summer, and every year, the sun just seems more potent. Preparing your home for the summer means that you’re ready for the heat while saving money doing so. Also, it’s much easier to do any outside preparation while it’s nice outside than it is during the heat of the summer.

It Can Cost You During the Summer

The price of repairing your AC and other units may be more during the summer, and you may have to worry about everything being booked. Sometimes, it’s much easier to pay for any repairs or maintenance checks now than during the summer.

It Gets it Out of the Way

The best part of preparing is that you won’t have to worry about it later. Instead, you can get it out of the way now and feel less stressed as a result. Procrastination is something that you may suffer from, and it can have serious effects on your mental state. Websites such as BetterHelp can assist you.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss some ways to prepare your home.

Improving Attic Insulation

There are many reasons why it’s wise to look at your attic’s insulation while it’s still cool outside. One of those reasons is the fact that during the summer, it can be unbearable up there. If you live in the country, be mindful of anything that’s up there; an animal could have snuck into your attic to prepare for the cold. Wear a mask to protect yourself from dust and other pollutants and inspect your attic.

Look for anything that’s obstructing the vents, or see if there are any wet spots. If you feel like you could use more installation, add some more. When buying insulation, look for some with an R-38 value. This will be the most efficient. By beefing up your attic’s insulation, you can keep the cold air in and the heat out.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Plumbing is Good to Go

If you have any hoses, irrigation systems, or any other form of outdoor plumbing, now is the time to test it. If it was a harsh winter, it could have been damaged. Turn the knob and let the water come out. If it flows fine, great. If it’s trickling, you may need help from a plumber. Better to fix it now than during the summer rush.

For irrigation that’s in the ground, do your research on maintaining it, or talk to a professional if you’re unsure how to do it.

Make Sure that Your AC is Good to Go

This is an obvious one, yet many people think their air conditioner is just fine and can handle the summer. Then, it breaks down, leaving you having to pay big money and having to deal with a home that’s hot. Plus, you may have to wait a long time during the peak season, so check it now.

Always change your filters, first. If you haven’t done so in a while, do it now, then make a habit of changing those filters every few months, with a time that’s longer or shorter depending on how your home is.

Test your AC. If it doesn’t feel cool, look at the fuses or circuit breakers and replace the parts accordingly. If you’re unsure, then it’s important to call a pro.

Speaking of pro, calling one during the springtime for a simple maintenance test is a good idea. Even if you think that there isn’t anything wrong with your unit, it can sometimes be beneficial for a pro to clean and look for any defects that you may have missed. Depending on the circumstances, this may or may not be worth it.

Check Your Roof

We’re about to enter the rainy season, so it is worth it to check your roof before it gets unbearably hot. Look for any holes or possible loose tiles, and call up a professional if you’re unsure if your roof needs any repair. Apply the same rules to the other parts of your exterior, too.

Clean Any Gutters

Now is a good time to clean any gutters you have. This is a task that you may want to leave to a pro, as it can be difficult to give them a good cleaning. Before the season gets too hot, make sure they’re ready to go.

Look At Your Yard

Summer Yard

Also, make sure your yard is nice and tidy for the summer. If you have any grills, clean them up and make sure they’re ready to go. If you have any trampolines or other playground equipment, inspect those. Clean up any lawn chairs and other equipment you may have. For gas grills, make sure there aren’t any clogs in your grill.

Cleaning Your Windows

Hot Summer Window

Make sure to clean your windows when you’re thinking about it. Buy some window cleaner, spray the panes, and wipe accordingly. Simple stuff, but be careful not to leave any streaks on your window.

Inspect Other Tools for the Summer

While you’re at it, make sure that every tool you use for the summer is good to go. Look at your lawnmower and clean it, and replace any parts that may need it. Sharpen the blade if you need to as well. Your mower may have been sitting in there for months, and doing a tune-up can help. Just make sure it’s turned off before you touch it.

The same applies to any other tools you use. Clean them off and make sure they’re sharp for the job.

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