Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again: Spring is upon us, and you know what that means – spring cleaning! For some people, giving their home a complete deep clean gives them a sense of pride as they upkeep their home to a pristine state. For others, spring cleaning is more like a hassle of a chore than for enjoyment.

Either way, we can all agree that spring cleaning takes a ton of hard work, time, and effort. Not everybody has the schedule or know-how on proper spring cleaning, and you might be tempted to put off cleaning until next spring!

Check out our 5 spring cleaning hacks that will surely make those chores easy and hassle-free! You’ll be done with a full deep clean of your home in less time, less effort, and have more time to enjoy the balmy weather of the spring season.

1. Hire a Part-time Helper

Sometimes all you need to get the job done is another set of hands to help you in cleaning your home faster. A part-time helper will tackle different cleaning tasks while you go about your day. Speed up your spring cleaning by hiring a part-time cleaner, and delegate the tasks so you can get more done in less time!

There are different companies that offer part-time cleaning services at moderate prices, and you can always find part-time workers willing to help you with the odd jobs around the home for a fee. You can opt to task them with cleaning the interior: dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc.; or the exterior cleaning: mowing the lawn, washing windows, weeding, etc.

We recommend hiring part-time helpers from a reputable agency, as professional cleaners will have the training and expertise to clean your home properly. They have been screened by the agency, too, so you don’t have to worry too much about letting a stranger into your home.

2. Prepare Your Materials Beforehand

Make spring cleaning easier for you by preparing your materials beforehand. You’ll save up on time from looking for that specific scrub brush, and keep everything with you as you go from room to room to clean! Plus, everything’s at an arm’s reach away, and you don’t have to grumbly make a trip to the store to stock up on supplies.

It is a good idea to prepare a basket that has the necessary solutions and equipment needed for each cleaning task. Create a small basket filled with scrub brushes, sponges, cloths, and cleaning solutions that you would need to use in cleaning every surface of your home. This way, you can easily move your cleaning implements from room to room!

3. Clean Exterior Before Planting Season

Have you been having bad luck with your garden every spring, just right after spring cleaning? Those harsh chemical solutions and soaps you’ve been using on your windows and the exterior of your house may have leached into your garden bed, killing your plants before they have a chance to sprout.

Consider cleaning the exterior of your home before you start planting. Cover the soil with a waterproof plastic liner, and be sure to wash away any soap or cleaning solution you used completely before you proceed with gardening. Plant sensitive flora away from any cleaning chemicals. You might figure out you have a green thumb after all!

4. Use All-purpose Cleaning Solutions

Instead of scrambling to buy a hoard of cleaning solutions for every specific area in your home, consider looking into a couple of good, disinfecting all-purpose cleaners. Buying different cleaners can be costly, and you might not need so many cleaning products when an all-purpose solution can clean several materials and surfaces.

However, if you have areas in your home that require special cleaning formulas, such as natural stone surfaces, and rooms for children with sensitive skin, continue to use cleaning solutions meant for those areas. Minimize generic cleaning products, and go for cleaning solutions that have disinfecting properties for a 2-in-1 cleaning!

5. Deep Clean Furniture The Easy Way

The hack to deep clean furniture? A combination of a pressure washer and a wet vacuum cleaner! Use the pressure washer to tackle the deep seated dirt out of your sofa, mattress, curtains, and more! The wet function of the vacuum cleaner removes excess water, making it easier for you to air dry your furniture under the heat of the spring sun.

Alternatively, you can opt to avail of deep cleaning services from professional cleaners, as they already have the tools to wash and dry your furniture. Goodbye to sofa odors, mattress stains, and dusty curtains!


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