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There are nearly 6 million car crashes in the US every year, and around 3 million people suffer injuries as a result of these accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). No matter how careful and observant you are when driving, motor collisions are a threat we face each time we sit behind the steering wheel.

Reasons to see a doctor (Source: Pixabay)

Reasons to see a doctor

Sadly, most people associate traffic accidents with high-speed collisions that lead to extensive car damage and bodily harm. Unknown to most, even a slow-speed bumping can produce enough force to cause substantial harm. No matter how eager you are to move on with your day, visiting a doctor after a minor collision is vital. Here’s why.

Find Hidden Injuries

Find Hidden Injuries

Any kind of impact from a car collision can produce a significant force that the body can struggle to handle. During the impact, your body releases adrenaline to prepare you to deal with the trauma. This adrenaline rush can mask or delay pain from an injury. It’s not uncommon for people to start feeling pain hours, days, or even weeks after a collision occurs. To ensure you have no delayed onset injuries, you need to get a medical report from a doctor.

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A doctor has the experience and the tools to identify hidden injuries that don’t exhibit any symptoms or pain. Whiplash is one of the common injuries that doctors diagnose after a minor accident. It’s a neck injury that occurs when the neck is subjected to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement. Other serious conditions that a doctor will scan for include brain trauma, back injuries, and soft tissue injuries. Once a problem is discovered, the physician will give you the way forward.

Get Legal Documentation

Apart from giving you a clean bill of health, doctors can be instrumental when it comes to the legal aspect of the accident. Most times, accidents are caused by someone’s negligence. The other driver may have been drunk, distracted, or just reckless. To take legal action against such an individual, you will need valid records documenting your medical diagnosis or treatment. These documents can only be produced by a doctor.

This document proves that you truly suffered an injury from the accident. Such paperwork will help you acquire the compensation you deserve. Delaying to visit your doctor will only complicate and hurt your injury claim, as the insurance company may claim your injuries were sustained in a different setting. If you wish to receive compensation for your pain, suffering, and expenses, make sure you seek medical attention within the shortest time frame and keep all receipts and related documents.

More Complete Medical History

Having a record of your medical history can be critical when it comes to mitigating any illness you encounter in the future. The information on a medical history document gives a doctor all the details and clues of what has been going on with your health. Using it, the doctor can determine what health complications you may be at risk of in the future.

Health complications after an accident (Source: Pixabay)

Health complications after an accident

A doctor can also use these records to understand whether you are suffering from a new illness or it’s an untreated injury that has morphed into a significant problem. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance that you visit a physician after an accident. Instead of just relying on the doctor’s records, track and keep your own medical information. Note down any injuries that you experienced, and record all tests, treatment, and medication that you underwent.


Accidents are traumatic events that can disrupt our lives significantly. Even minor collisions have the potential to cause injuries that can lead to the deterioration of our physical, mental, and financial stability. Even if you believe you have come out of the accident unharmed, it’s essential that you visit a doctor within the shortest time possible.

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  1. I had a car accident 12 years ago and didn’t see a doctor… I have had serious back problems ever since and now waiting to go in for a second surgery on my spine.
    Definitely go and see a doctor, no matter how small the accident.


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