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As a leader in Business Conference, there will come a time where you will want to share your knowledge with other professionals, network with new customers and clientele, and ultimately cement your legacy in the industry you work within. To this end, there is no better course of action than to host your very own business conference.

In terms of content and focus, this will be wholly down to your own specialisms and personal milestones, but the basic building blocks of making a great event are always going to be the same.

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To get you started as you think about hosting your own conference, this quick and helpful guide is going to give you the essential information that you will need to succeed at this venture so that you and your business come up smiling.

Establishing the Right Atmosphere

You want the professionals attending your event to be impressed from the moment they arrive at your conference which means creating a positive, high-end atmosphere from the get-go.

To achieve this, you must first find out how to choose the right venue. This is one aspect that cannot be done cheaply as it will become instantly apparent to the people that you have invited that you have cut corners. Try to choose somewhere that has an air of grandeur, such as a posh hotel, which has lots of natural light and is surrounded by pleasant grounds to give guests a view for when they are waiting for a talk to start or want to get some fresh air.

Another vital aspect you need to nail is the food, as this is always going to be a major talking point at such events. For this, you need to choose the best catering in Los Angeles that you can find, which has options for every possible dietary requirement and is very tasty.

Dress to Impress


It might go without saying to a seasoned business professional, but choosing what to wear to make the right impression is extremely important, especially when you are hosting.

No matter your gender, a tailored suit is always a good option, opt for a neutral color, with polished dress shoes or heels. As a woman, you might choose to opt for a dress and blazer, and a good idea here is to have the dress in a statement color or pattern, paired with subtle accessories.

The Right Words

The final thing you need to do is learn how to speak confidently as you will doubtlessly be giving a talk at your conference which everyone who you have invited will be keen to hear.
Have your speech prepared at least one week in advance and remember to bring two copies to the events, just in case. If you get nervous, when practicing your speech, make annotations where you should take a breath or pause, almost like an actor would on a play script. Finally, make sure that you have a glass of water on the podium, just in case your mouth goes dry, or you get a cough.


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